Uses of Cloud Computing
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Uses of Cloud Computing in Daily Life

Here is my new article on ” Uses of Cloud Computing in Daily Life”.

In present time many of internet users didn’t know about the actual meaning of Cloud Computing. In this article i will tell you what actually Cloud Computing means, what are its types and uses of Cloud Computing in our daily life. Read the full article so you will not miss any important information about this article.

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What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing stands for the computing services that are provided to you over the internet. It includes mainly – Database Storage, Servers, Software, networking, Analytics and many other services. These services are provided by some companies which are also termed as Cloud providers. Its similar like you are paying for you Web Hosting services. You are playing games online, edit documents, listening music and also sharing pictures and other files with the help of online services. It is all possible because of Cloud Computing.

Uses of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing plays an important role in our daily life. It is used by variety of organisation at a large scale. The main Uses of Cloud Computing are :

Cloud Computing

  • Data Storage
  • Backup and Data Restore
  • Provide Software on Demand
  • Data Analysis
  • Audio & video Streaming
  • Web Hosting

Feature of Cloud Computing

Top best features which makes Uses of Cloud Computing so popular are given below :

1. Speed

In this resources are provided at very high speed, only a few second after the clicking of mouse. It makes it very flexible.

2. Low Cost

You don’t need to buy any hardware and software because the availability of data on servers.

3. Reliability

Cloud Computing also provide data backup and also you can recover data in any case of data lose from your service providers.

4. Best Performance

Because of its worldwide use, data centers are upgraded to give the best performance for the user.

5. Perfectly scaled

These are perfectly scaled, so these can provide only the sufficient amount of resources to the user at a given time.

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Types of Cloud Computing 

So after the uses of Cloud Computing here i have explained the types of cloud computing on the basis of two facts given below –

A). On the basis of Cloud location we can classify it as :

Cloud Computing

  • Public

In this shared resources are used.

  • Private

In this resources are not shared with others.

  • Hybrid

It includes the features of both public and private Cloud.

B). On the Basis of a service that the cloud is offering, we can classify it as :

Cloud Computing

  •  IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service)

It includes the Servers, Virtual machine’s, Operating system, network and Data Storage.

  • Paas (Platform as a service)

It provides an on-demand environment for developing, testing, delivering and managing software applications.

  • Saas (Software as a service)

It simply provides software applications over the Internet, on demand. It also provides software maintenance and software upgrade.

If you need any help regarding Cloud Computing please feel free to comment in the box given below.

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