Top Best Songs of Alan Walker Download
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Top Best Songs of Alan Walker Download

Here is the Top Best Songs of Alan Walker Download.

Alan walker ( born in 24 Aug. 1997) is a Norwegian Dj and record producer and is mainly known for his stage name Dj Walkzz. Alan walker is best known for “Faded” in the Top 100 list of Dj, alan is ranked in 17th position.

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Here i have listed Top Best Songs of Alan Walker Download. Download links are also available here. You can download these songs for free.

Top Best Songs of Alan Walker Download

1. LiveFast ft. A$AP Rocky

2. Alan Walker – Alone (Part-2)

3. Faded

4. Alone

5. The Spectre

6. Sing Me To Sleep

7. All Falls Down

8. Tired

9. Sky

10. Force

11. Lonely Together

12. Ignite

13. Traveler

14. Strongest ( Remix )

15. Play

16. On My Way

17. End of Time

18. Heading Home

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Early Life & Career

Alan walker have dual citizenship of Norway and United Kingdom because of his parental origin. After that when he was just 2 year, he moved to Bergen with his family. Soon he starts listening different from of music. He is mainly inspired by Ahrix and K-391. In 2014 he released his first single debut. Alan walker said that this song was inspired by Ahrix and K-391. This track was named as “Fade“. After that in 2015, he released his next single debut Faded which was the remastered version of his old song Fade. This song got over 2 billion views on YouTube and also gain position in the list of Top 10 most liked videos.

He also released another song named as On My Way which was also liked by most people. This song is firstly launched on a Gaming platform. Yes this song was released on PUBG Mobile Version as a theme song.

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  1. I love how I can go on a magical mystery tour to other people’s blogs and find things I love.
    Alan walker being one of them.
    A few of his songs have featured in some of my blogs but I do love
    ignite K-391featuring Alan Walker.
    It’s got a nice upbeat vibe

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