Top Best Cheap Web Hosting for New Bloggers
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Top Best Cheap Web Hosting for New Bloggers

Hello everyone ! Here is my new article on “Top Best Cheap Web Hosting for New Bloggers“.

If you are a blogger or a website owner then you must have the knowledge of Web Hosting. Web Hosting is the essential part of the website development. Simply it provides you a platform, from where you can maintain your website or some other activities related to Website/Blog. There are lots of companies which provides you Web Hosting services according to your needs. But you have to choose best Web Hosting for your website. Because your Website/Blog totally depends upon the type of Web Hosting you are using.

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If you are new to Blogging or want to start a Website or blog, then you must have the basic knowledge of Web Hosting. So let’s discuss about the term “Web Hosting“.

What is Web Hosting ?

In imple words, Web Hosting is a service which provide you lots of features to maintain your website. Mainly it provide you a platform from where you can share your data to other people over internet. People from anywhere on earth can access your website and receive data from your website. These companies simply provides you servers and these servers allow user to access the data.

A Server mainly provides your some features given below :

  • Storage
  • RAM
  • Website capacity (1 or more)
  • E – Mail Accounts
  • Bandwidth
  • Traffic capacity

Need of Web Hosting ?

As i have already explained above about the servers. A server is a location where all of your website data is stored. People access the data with the help of internet. If you don’t have a server you can’t upload your data to your website. Simply Web Hosting provides you a platform to upload your data and to share that data with other.

The Web Hosting service is not free, you have to pay for it. If you pay more money then you will get more features. Like high Storage capacity, high RAM, High bandwidth etc. So let’s discuss about the Top Best Cheap Web Hosting for New Bloggers.

Top Best Cheap Web Hosting for New Bloggers

Almost every new Blogger who is new to Blogging are facing the problem of choosing proper Web Hosting. I also spent lots of money in the beginning of my Blogging career because of less knowledge in this field. But here i will tell you about the Top 3 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services. In which one of them i am using right now. These all are worthy for new startup.

There are various types of Web Hosting such as :

  • Shared web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Managed Hosting

But in this article i am telling you about the shared Web Hosting.

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Top 3 Best Cheap Web Hosting :

  1. Reseller Web Hosting
  2. GoDaddy Web Hosting
  3. Big Rock Web Hosting

1. Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting is one of the best and cheap Web Hosting of all time. For new blogger i recommend to choose Reseller Web Hosting at a very low cost. Also they provides the features which are according to the need of new Blogger. In the beginning of website development we need simple hosting plan with less features. But as your website growth increase you need more features. For this you have to Upgrade your existing plan or you can move to a different Web Hosting.

Price for Personal plan – 115/Month for 1 Year.

Go check here – Reseller club Web Hosting

Features –

If you are new to blogging and your website is fresh then you must use the personal plan of Reseller Web Hosting. Because this plan is sufficient for all new user. It includes :

  • 1 Website
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unmetered Data transfer
  • Free C-panel
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts

Top Best Cheap Web Hosting for New BloggersAlso you can check the other plan details below.

[Note : You can’t buy this plan for 1 month. You have to buy Personal plan for 1 Year. But you can buy Business and Pro plan for 3 months]

2. GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy is also one of the best and cheap Web Hosting. But it provides you little bit low features than Reseller Web Hosting. But you can also choose the GoDaddy in the beginning of your blogging career. The best part of this Web Hosting is that you can choose this plan for 1 month also.

Price of Starter Plan – 99rs/month

Go check here – GoDaddy Web Hosting

But if you want to renew it then it will cost you 199rs/month.

Features –

  • 1 Website
  • 30 GB Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • C-panel

Top Best Cheap Web Hosting for New Bloggers

3. Big Rock Web Hosting

Big Rock is also one of the highly used web hosting platform used by many users. It is similar to GoDaddy web hosting in most of features. But the cost for the starter plan of this hosting is less than that of GoDaddy.

Price of Starter plan – 149rs/month for 1 Year.

Go check here – Big Rock Web Hosting

Features –

  • 1 Website
  • 20 GB Storage
  • 100 MB Bandwidth
  • 5 E-mail Accounts
  • C-panel

Top Best Cheap Web Hosting for New Bloggers[Note : This web hosting has similar limitation of Reseller Web Hosting. I mean you can’t buy it for 1 month only. You have to buy a full package of 1 year. But you can choose for pro plan upto 3 month.]

Suggestions –

There are few things which you have to keep in mind while or after purchasing Web Hosting plan. These are :

  1. The Server location is very important for this. It totally affect the speed of your website. E.g – For my website almost 70% of user comes from the same country where my server is located.
  2. Every Starter plan has some capacity to handle a minimum amount of traffic per day. If your website has huge traffic then you have to immediately upgrade your plan so your website never go down.
  3. Take backup of your website after a regular interval of time. It helps to save your website data in case of any loss. You can retrieve the data at any time from the backup you had taken.

I hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any questions regarding this article, Please feel free to ask anything about this topic.

Thank You.

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