Top 5 best tricks for your android mobile phone
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Top 5 best tricks for your android mobile phone

Top 5 best tricks for your android mobile phone

Now a days mobile phones are essential part in our daily life. Mobile phone have so many features that help us in our daily life. But there are so many feature which are not used by everybody, because we are not familiar with them. So here i will talk about the top 5 best tricks for your android mobile phone.

1. Free some memory in your phone

There is lots of memory that is covered by unwanted files in your android device. You have to delete these files permanently to make some free space in your device.

free memory

Open file manager>>phone storage >> DCIM

The folder named as “DCIM” contains photos and videos captured by your android device. But it also cover a lots of memory. So you have to delete this folder to free up some space.

[Note : Before deleting this folder make sure that you have to transfer all photos and videos to another location that is safe]

2. Restrict apps from using data in the background

Lots of apps installed in your mobile phone uses a huge amount of data while you are not using them. These apps are running in the background. So you have to restrict these apps by using this method given below :
Restrict app from using dataOpen setting>> Data usage >> Background data>> Activate the feature and select the apps on which you want to restrict background data.

3. Locate your lost or stolen phone

If your phone is lost somewhere or stolen by someone then you can also find the exact location of your phone. You can also make mobile phone to ring continuously for 5 minutes. If there is some private information in your phone, you can also delete them. This can be done as given below :

find my deviceDownload find my device app from playstore>> Select your android device and choose the option you want to perform with your device.

You can also do >> Open this link and login though your e-mail address which you have used in your lost mobile phone.  From there you can choose the appropriate step given here.

4. Hide the notifications in Lock screen

If your phone is locked with some Password, still anyone can check the notification from your phone. To hide these notification form unwanted person proceed the following steps given below:

Hide notification

Goto setting>> Notifications OR Sound and notifications>> Select the apps for which you want to stop notification OR select one of these option :

  1. Don’t show notifications at all
  2. Show all notification content
  3. Hide sensitive notification content

5. Disable the default apps

There are many apps that are installed by default in your android device. If these app are not useful for you then you can also disable them from your phone. This can be done as given below :


Goto setting >> Applications >> Application manager>> click on the app which you want to disable>> in the application info click on the disable button.
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