how to speed up your pc by simple trick
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How to speed up your pc by simple trick

How to speed up your pc by simple trick

Many times your pc gets slow down during the processing of any program or some application stop unfortunately by some reason. This is due to the higher usage of RAM inside your memory. It can also include some other facts such as cache memory, high performance battery usage, gaming etc.  Here i will tell you some few tips on How to speed up your pc by simple trick.

Clean up Temporary files

There are some temporary files that are formed in your computer by itstelf. These files occupies a large space of your memory. So you have to delete these unnecessary files permanently. For this proceed following steps :

  • Click on “Start” button on task bar.
  • Then in the Run box type “%TEMP%”.

clean temporary files

  • Click on OK button.
  • Delete all the files present in Temp folder.

This will free a large amount of data and helps in speeding up by your computer.

Also you can do this by other method as given below :

  1. Open “My computer” at desktop.
  2. Click on “C/ “drive and open “C:\windows\Temp”.

temp files

3. Delete the folder named “Temp”.

4. Now close the all application.

To delete temporary files using the Disk Cleanup utility:

  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Right-click the system drive, and then select Properties.
  3. On the General tab, click Disk Cleanup.
  4. Scroll down in the Files To Delete list, and then select Temporary Files.
  5. Click OK, and then click Yes to confirm deletion.

Hope this article is helpful to all. Comment below if any question regarding this article.

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