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How to do SEO Content Writing in simple way

Today here i am with new article on “How to do SEO Content Writing in simple way. Writing a user friendly post on your blog/website is the most effective and the most important part of your blog. Because it totally affect your blog/website. If you have a user friendly articles on your blog/website, google will surely rank your article on the top of the google search result.

So it is very important to you that your articles should be very specific and user friendly. So here i will share some basic tips on How to do SEO Content Writing in simple way.

Why SEO Need ?

  • To increase amount of Quality Traffic
  • Long term Strategy
  • To Increase Sales
  • To gain more clicks
  • To increase your website Referrals
  • To increase your social media followers
  • Improve user experience

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How to do SEO Content Writing in simple way

First of all i will suggest you a plugin named “SEO by Yoast”. I personally used this plugin and it is very simple to use. It will provide you all the basic features which will help you during the SEO Content Writing.

How to Install SEO by Yoast ?

Step 1 : Open your wordpress Dashboard.

Step 2 : Click on Plugin and then click on Add New button.

SEO friendly blog article

Step 3 : In the Upper right corner you will find a search box. Search for “SEO by Yoast” in the search box.

SEO friendly blog article

Step 4 : Click on the Activate button.

After installing this plugin you have to write a new post and this plugin will help you during your whole writing process. This plugin is very simple to use and for that you have to check the bottom of post. There are two options one is “Readability” and other is “Focus Keyword”. Here you will find all those things which you have to keep in mind while writing a post.

Basic Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Article : –

How to Write SEO friendly blog article

These are the things which you have to keep in mind while SEO Content Writing

1.Readability : Write a simple post which is easily readable to your user. Don’t use the complicated words or something which your user can not understand easily. So write your post in simple language so that anyone can understand it very easily.

2. Word Length : Write as much as you can. Your article must have great amount of words, it will helps in ranking of your post. I will recommend you to write a article of minimum of 500 words.

3. Internal Links : Add 2-3 Internal link on your article. Internal link means to add your another article link in this article so that the incoming user can visit direct to that post. It will also helps in ranking your other articles.

4. Outbound Links : Also add outbound links on your article, so that it will increase trust of your user on you. Example : www.google.com and you can also add your youtube channel or any other trusted sites.

5. Focus Keyword : This is the main part of your article. You have to set a Focus Keyword in your article and this keyword is mainly responsible for your ranking in google search. After choosing a Focus Keyword you must have keep in mind all these things given below :

It Must present in

  • URL of the Article.
  • Title of the Article.
  • Meta Description.
  • First paragraph of Article.
  • Subheading (H2).

6. Image with Alt Attribute : It is necessary to add an image in your article and this image must contain Alt attribute as Focus Keyword.

7. Subheading (H2) : After your first paragraph you must add a subheading (H2) and this subheading must contain your Focus Keyword.

If you need any help regarding this topic you can post a comment below.

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