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Pnasati Dhar Trek : Gargi Village, Parvati Valley

Hello here is my article on “Pnasati Dhar Trek : Gargi Village, Parvati Valley“.

Who doesn’t like walking? Especially in the mountains where beautiful scenery fascinates your mind. In these heights you experience amazing peace. The most important thing is that it does not get crowds like cities. The dense forests and mountains which are far away, are unforgettable to see. Many of you must have come to these plaintiffs of Parvati valley Or you must have heard about this valley somewhere. People from all over the world come to visit here. Due to which this valley is also very popular.

Today I am going to tell you about a place in this valley, about which you will not have any knowledge at all. Yes, the place I am referring to is Pnasati Dhar. So first let’s talk about the location of this place.

Location – This place is situated on the peak of a place called Manikarn of Parvati valley. To reach here, you have to walk straight upstream from Manikarn. It can take you 6-7 hours from Manikarn. But you can also complete this track in two parts. For this, first you have to track Gargi Village. Which is about 1 hour track from Manikarn. You can stay in this village on day one. For this, you can make your online booking at the homestay located here. I have written a separate post on this village where you can get more information about this village.

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So the month of June is great for visiting this place. Because during this time the weather is very pleasant and at the same time the snow dries in the upper area. Because I am a resident of this village, so i know this place very well. If you want to go for this trek without any guide keep in mind these things.

Important Items – Tents, Sleeping Bags, Esential Food, cooking accessories, water storage item etc.I will suggest you to hire someone for your trek instead of doing it by yourself. It will cost you more but you will enjoy it.

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Pnasati Dhar Trek : Gargi Village, Parvati Valley

I have also completed this trek in 12 june 2020. Here i will share my personal experience of this trek.

Step 1 :

Because I am a resident of this village, our journey also started from this village. We left from home at 5 in the morning on 12 June. After leaving the village, we covered the most difficult journey of 1 hour. This is the most difficult path of this track as you have to face a very steep staircase. One of the advantages of getting out early in the morning was that we did not have to face the sun during that journey. Because of this we felt less tired. Keep in mind that you will not get water in your way, so fill enough water with you.

Step 2 :

So we had crossed the most difficult journey and we took rest for about 20 minutes. After that we had to complete the second stop of the track which was about 50 minutes up steep hill. Quickly we picked up our luggage and we set out. But now the trouble was that the sun had gone out and our journey was going to be difficult. We rested for 4-5 minutes in between and soon reached the hill. We had completed two of the most difficult stretches of this track, but the destination was still far away.

Step 3 :

Because we had already done this track before, we knew how far the water was. We continued for about 40 minutes and finally we reached a small water stream. Quickly we gathered dry wood and warmed the food we had packed from home. Eating in the jungle is something more fun, it seems as if the taste of food has increased 4 times. After eating a lot of food, we took some rest and then started the journey ahead.

Step 4 :

Now the journey from here was quite easy. After walking for about 10 minutes we stepped under the open sky. We left behind a forest full of trees and the view here was like. From here we could see the place completely, where we had to go. After walking for a while we reached a small house. This house was built many years ago. You can imagine how difficult it must have been to build a house in these mountains where there is a lack of resources. But still this house was built in a very better way. This place is called “Garta“.

Although no one lives in this house, the locals here keep coming here in the middle and use this house.Because we had tent houses to live in, we moved forward from here.Now we had entered the boundaries of JOT. The place we had to go was about 30-40 minutes far away. We started walking quickly and soon reached there. Due to the good weather conditions, we used open spaces for planting tents. If the weather is not good, then you should place the tents in a dry place among the trees. Because it will help you in cooking and living. Weather changes abruptly in hilly areas, so your preparation should be good. Keep in mind that the source of water is near you, otherwise you may face difficulty.

Pnasati dhar trek

So we Reach at Panasati Dhar

After getting there, we quickly set up our tent and made drains around the tent to allow rain water to flow. Then quickly we gathered dry woods to help us cook and avoid the cold. By then it was almost past 4 in the evening. Now the effect of the cold had started. We quickly made tea and had some snacks, which was quite a relief. Now the last thing left was dinner. The water here is very cold due to the high altitude, which takes almost double the time for cooking. That is why we had put Rajma in the cooker around 5:00 pm for the evening dinner.Because the fire was not burning continuously, it took us about 3 hours to cook the Rajmah.

Around 8:00 pm we also started cooking rice.Around 9:00 our food was ready and we ate quickly. Now the cold was felt very much after eating food. Due to the abundance of wood, we were much more comfortable. For about 1 hour we kept the fire burning and enjoyed the heat of the fire. The next day we had to go for a walk, so we slept at around 10:00. While cooking food, keep in mind that the food should not be raw because there is a risk of stomach ache. It is necessary that you keep some medicines together like stomach pain, cold fever etc.

Next Morning

The next morning we got up early and after that I cooked food. We got free by cooking at around 9:00 am and it was 10:00 to eat our food. Quickly we filled bottles of water in our bags and set out to roam from there. We had to go till the Tirmi Dhar because this place is at the top.From this place we can see Malana village. You must all know about Malana village, as it is the most famous village in Parvati valley. Due to the high altitude, the snow here did not melt completely, due to which we had to face a little problem. But the view here was very attractive, you can see all the hills of Parvati valley from here. Here it was very cold, unlike the lower part. So keep in mind that you apply warm clothes.

Return to Tents
After stopping for a while, we set out towards our tent. We had to travel about 2 hours from here to the tent. In between we stayed in different places. As soon as we reached the tent, we made the first meal. Because time was short, we made pasta which was ready in about half an hour. The time was around 3 pm. We quickly ate pasta and slept for a while. Around 5.30 pm we got up and collected a lot of wood. Because tonight was our last, we wanted to sit till late tonight. After that we cooked food and after eating at about 10 o’clock, we were free. Now it was the turn to sit under the open fire. All were sitting around the fire and things went on. This moment was a lot of fun, it was not known when two hours had passed. Now that it was too much, we all went to sleep.

3rd Day : Back to Home
The next day, after having our morning meal, we walked towards home. If you want to go here, then I would suggest you to visit this place with someone who has a good knowledge about this place. Because going here without any information can be very dangerous. If you wish, you can hire someone from the village as a tour guide. You can do this by booking your trek at the link given at the starting of this post.

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I hope you all will enjoy this article on Pnasati Dhar Trek : Gargi Village, Parvati Valley. Share it to your friends and family.

Thank You.

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  1. Great work @jhavinder. Are you free in the month of march like 2-8 march. I am a Geologist working in the rockfall prone Gargi area. In order to understand the cause of gargi rockfall area I must climb to the top. I am planning to do one field trip in the aforementioned dates. Email me on if you are willing to go.

  2. This place is breathtakingly beautiful! This sounds like such a fun adventure!
    I went up to the mountains last year here in Washington and even our peaks don’t compare to this!
    Thanks for sharing!

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