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On Page SEO : How it Helps in Ranking of Website

Hello everyone! Here is my new article on “On Page SEO : How it Helps in Ranking of Website“.

In modern world websites are very effective way to gain or spread unlimited information with others. In your daily life you may access different types of websites daily. Many of you must have your own website, where you share valuable information with other people’s. But there are lots of website over internet. It is very difficult task to rank your website on the top of any search result. But here i will provide you some tips through which you can increase your website ranking. You all must heard about the term SEO. Also you may know the benefits of SEO Friendly Website.

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Here i will tell you about ‘How you can optimize your website through On Page SEO‘. Before that let me tell you little more about On Page SEO.

What is On Page SEO ?

On Page SEO : How it Helps in Ranking of Website

On Page SEO is also a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). During our article writting the process of optimization of blog or website by making changes in Title, Heading, Subheadings, Media, Permalink and Design etc is called On Page SEO. By doing this optimization we can increase our website ranking. It helps your site to get better results in google search.

On Page SEO : How it Helps in Ranking of Website ?

Here are few tips through which you can do On Page SEO. By following these steps your website will definitely shows better results.

1. Add Keyword in Title

This is the first and most important step for On Page SEO. If you are writing your article, you must select a specific keyword for your article. After selecting your keyword, make sure that your keyword must be at the starting position of your article Title. E.g – Your keyword is “On Page SEO“. As you can see that i have used my keyword at the starting position of my article. Try to add your keywords like this.

2. SEO Based Permalink

You all must familiar with term Permalink. This are the links which are shown under your article name in Google search result. Or you can say that these are the URL of your article. Your article URL must be as simple as you can make it. Because an attractive URL can catch the user attention. Also try to add your Keyword in the URL section, because google makes the keyword bold in the URL section. E.g- (Funandfactz4u.com/On-Page-SEO)

3. User Friendly Theme

You all know user get lost in a website which doesn’t have any proper navigation. Try to use simple theme in you website. So the every user which comes through your website can easily find what he or she looking for? This will also helps you to manage website Bounce Rate. Also it will increase the user Time on Page.

4. Boost Website Loading Speed

The loading speed of website is also a major factor for website ranking. You can improve your website speed by compressing high quality images to lower ones. Also you can increase speed by using powerful hosting services. If you are using Blogger for hosting then don’t worry. Google servers are very strong. It is shown from study that the website with lower loading speed have less ranking.

5. Use Internal Links

Internal links are very helpful for website ranking. Try to add 2-4 Internal links in your website. It will divert the incoming user to other post of your website. It helps in increasing page authority. User can navigate the different page at the same time. If you have high traffic on a particular post then you can add a Internal link to your other post which has low traffic. It will grow your post instantly.

6. Add Modifiers in Title

Try to add different types of Modifiers in your post title. There are lots of Modifiers you can use. Some of are : Top, Best, Top 10, Top Best, How to, Top Most, Most Popular etc. These will helps in getting your article on Google front page.

7. Write Long Article

Writing a long article helps the google to understand that your article contains lots of information about that thing. If you write in more than 1000 words on a particular thing then your article will goes on higher ranking. So try to add more and more content in your article.

8. SEO Friendly Images

Adding images on your website makes its very attractive. Also user understand easily with the help of images. Don’t add images with copyright claim. If you download images from google make sure that you have edited it successfully. Use some editor for editing purpose.

Also you have to fill Alt Text in your image. Try to add your main keyword in your Alt Text area. The name of the image must reflect the content in your article.

9. Use Meta Description

On Page SEO : How it Helps in Ranking of Website

When you search for anything on internet, google provides you a box containing the title with Meta Description in search result. The Meta Description box provides the main information regarding the article. So try to add your main keyword directly in the box, so the incoming user get the best results.

10. Add Social Sharing Button

You all are familiar with the social media power. If you add Social Sharing Buttons on your website, it can help you to gain lots of traffic. You can also share your article on different types of social media platform. By putting these icon at the end of your article, if someone find useful information in it, user can share directly it from here.

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I hope this article will help you. If you need any information regarding this. Please let me know in the comment box given below.

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