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My First photography experience 

My First photography experience

My first photography experience with a cammera (my phone) was when i was in college doing my graduation. It was just an accident when me and my two friends were sitting together. Then one of my friend showed me a photograph taken by him. That was really cool. From that moment i also decide to take pictures. After few minutes we went far from city towards forest to explore the nature. I had captured many pictures on that day. Some of them are :

My results were preety average but i was happy with that. I had posted these pictures on social media and i got some really good appreciation. That inspired me a lot. I had captured so many pictures from that day. Some of them are :

Hope you will like my photography. I will appreciate any feedback.

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  1. I thought they were quite good, better than the ones I post on my page. Then again, I don’t really take photos for myself, I take them for my friends. When I told them I was going to Europe, they kept saying they looked forward to photos but I told them I was going to write poetry about what I saw until one of them shoved her camera into my hands and insisted. And my American friends like seeing my photos of Asia and my Asian friends like seeing my photos of America. Now I even take a camera on nature walks; I go for the walk to lose weight but bring the camera so I will look outward instead of inward while walking.

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