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Mini militia MOD v4.0.36 by MNJ

So here is the new version of “Mini militia MOD v4.0.36 by MNJ“.

Mini militia MOD v4.0.36 by MNJ

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This the mini militia MOD v4.0.36. by MNJ. In this MOD all features are unlocked.

Mini militia MOD v4.0.36 by MNJ












 Features of this MOD:

  1. Unlimited Ammo

  2.  2. Unlimited Boost

  3. 3. Unlimited Bombs

  4. 4. Magic Melee and Bomb Throw

  5. 2X Flying Speed

  6. Pro Pack Unlocked

  7. No Reload

  8. Background Play

  9. 4 Bullets/Shot

Many more


If You Want to Download , Click on this Link: https://m.sendspace.com/file/3uatvx

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Also download

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