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Kutla at the Back of Tosh Village

Kutla at the Back of Tosh Village : Have you ever traveled to the mountains far from your cities? What you exactly feel at there? There must be something indifferent which attracts you. The feelings in those mountains are something which you couldn’t feel at cities. It gives us lots of joy and adventure. At the mountains we feels relax and our mind works perfectly. Here i am telling about you a place named as “Kutla” at the back of Tosh Village. It is situated at Parvati valley in kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This place is totally separated from modern life. So take your time and visit this place at once in your life. I am sure you feel something extraordinary at this place.

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Kutla : At the Back of Tosh Village

Kutla village

Kutla is situated at the back of Tosh village,Parvati valley in the district of Himachal Pradesh. Its hight from sea level is almost 2400 meters. Tosh is a huge village which consist of almost 70-80 houses. It’s almost 23 km away from Kasol. You can take a direct bus from kasol to Bershani village. The Bershani village is very near to Tosh vilage and this village is base for Kheerganga trek. From the bershani you can take a taxi to tosh village, which takes about 10 minutes to reach at toah village. Now from this village it takes about 4 km track towards kutla. Before starting your trek you can take some food,water and necessary things with you.


It takes almost 1 hour to reach at Kutla. Half portion of this trek is straight and other half is rough. There are some beautiful sites in between this trek. This place is filled with greenery and surrounded by mountains. Here are some pictures of this place.


You can come back at Tosh village,if you don’t want to stay at kutla. But staying up there is better option then coming back. Because you will miss all good stuff. If you are thinking about to stay here then you can choose any of options available here. At Kutla, there are 4 Guest houses, 7 Camping point and 2 Shopes. All necessary things which you requires up there are available in these two shopes. Also the hospitality provided at here is pretty good. I will suggest you to choose camping.

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Green Hill Camps :

The best part is to stay at Green Hill Camps at Kutla. The facilities at this camp is very comfortable and also at moderate cost. It will cost 300 rupees per person for staying at there. But you have to pay extra for your food services. You can also choose a full package of 1000 rupees which includes the following services :

Includes Stay


Evening Tea and Snacks





Other Sites

You can also choose a another trek to a place named as “Bhudhawan”. Its almost 30 minutes straight way from kutla. Budhawan site is pretty average camp site and it is surrounded by pine trees. If you want some more adventure and peace then take your time and visit this place.


You can also choose an another trek from here to a place named as “Rumani Lake”. This will take almost 2 days from Kutla.

I hope you will enjoy there and this article will help you up there. So take a break and travel to the heavenly place situated at mountains.

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