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Jpg to Pdf convertor free download

So here is new article on “Jpg to Pdf convertor free download“.

In this article i will tell you about the easy and best method to convert jpg to pdf. To convert a jpg file or images to pdf file is quite simple to do. All you want to know the proper way of doing that. So here i will provide you with “Jpg to Pdf convertor free download” also a step by step guide to complete this whole process.

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I will explain this method with the help of a apk. First of all you have to install this apk from play store. There are lots of another apk which are similar to this but i specifically recommend this apk for you. Because this apk is very simple to use and best for the beginner.

Click here to downloadDownload apk

Jpg to Pdf convertor free download

After downloading the above apk follow the steps given below :

Step 1 : Open the downloaded apk.

Step 2 : Add the images which you want to convert from jpg to pdf.

Step 3 : After adding the image click on the pdf icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 4 : Choose the appropriate name for your file.

Step 5 : You can also select the “Greyscale” option if you want colorless images in pdf files.

Step 6 : Also you can select the compression to : Low, medium or high.

[ Note: Changing the compression can decrease your file quality]

Step 7 : Click on Ok button.

Congratulations !!! The process of converting jpg to pdf is completed successfully.

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