Jogni Waterfall - A Wonderful Destination at Manali
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Jogni Waterfall – A Wonderful Destination at Manali

Hello guys ! Here is my new article on my latest visit to “Jogni Waterfall – A Wonderful Destination at Manali“.

Manali a place situated in the middle of hills and mountains with beautiful scenery. A perfect place for spending your vacation or your trip. You can make a trip for camping, trekking, rafting, paragliding and many more things at this place. This place helps you to gain the peace and calm. The adventure you do here will be unforgettable experience. So take some time to this adventurous valley from the noises of modern life.

Jogni Waterfall - A Wonderful Destination at Manali

Location – This place is at Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh (India).

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Jogni Waterfall – A Wonderful Destination at Manali

In the last week of August, I went to this place with some of my friends. I was surprised to see the beauty of this place. This place is very peaceful and filled with extraordinary beauty. The mountains, forest and waterfall here will fascinate you. So i personally recommend you to take some time and visit to this wonderful place. It will definitely provide you joy and happiness.

Vashisht Village

The waterfall is at the back of a village named as ‘Vashisht’. This name is derived from Maharishi Guru Vashisht. There is also a temple of Guru Vashisht at the center of this village. Maharishi Vashisht is the one of the saptrishi ( group of 7 great Rishis). He is also the creator of Rigveda. The hight of this Waterfall is very large, which makes this waterfall awesome. Under this Waterfall you will feel amazing.

At Vashisht there is also hot water spring. You can take a bath in that Hot water. This hot water has also its own traditional value. People of village, believes that this water is sacred.

During my journey i took so many photos, which i will definitely share with you all.

Jogni Waterfall - A Wonderful Destination at Manali

How to Reach There ?

For this you have to reach Manali first. After that you can take the Bus or Taxi from the main Bus Stand Manali. There are two different paths to reach at Jogni Waterfall.

First –

You have to take taxi to the village named as Vashisht. This village is almost 5 Km far from the Manali Bus stand. After that village, it will take almost 1 hour walking trek. I think this route is best for the person who can’t climb mountain quickly or have some problem.

Second –

For this route, you can take bus or Taxi towards Sonlgnala road. You have to travel almost 7Km at this road. After that you have to walk straight for almost 10 minutes. You will reach at the side of small river. Now the real trek starts from here. From here you have to climb straight up the mountain. It can take more than 1 hour form here. So if you are not good at hiking then choose first one.

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After reaching there you can enjoy the beauty of the nature. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy up there. You can see the full view of the valley and various villages around this waterfall. I hope you all will enjoy your trek and be careful.

Wish you all a happy Journey.

Thank You.

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