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Inder Jeet top 10 Best Pahari songs

Inder Jeet top 10 Best Pahari songs

Here are the Inder Jeet top 10 Best Pahari songs.

Inder jeet is the top most famous singer for his contribution to the himachali songs. Because of his unique style and voice he became one of the famous singer in a very short time period. He represent many old songs in a new way, so that everyone likes the culture of himachal pradesh.

Here i have listed Inder jeet top 10 Best Pahari songs.

1. Laadi Shaonie

Click here to download – Ladi Shaonie

2. Budhua Mama

Click here to download – Budhua mama

3. Heera maniye

Click here to download – Heeramaniye

4. Balushahi

Click here to download – Balushahi

5. Kafal Pauke

Click here to download – Kafle Pauke

6. Tu Aize Gharte

Click here to download – Tu Aize Gharte

7. Metha bda lagda

Click here to download – Meetha bda lagda

8. Saza laga maghe ra

Click here to download – Saza laga maghe ra

9. Lumbru

Click here to download – Lumbru

10. Meri shalu

Click here to download – Meri Shalu

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