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How to Use Graphic Tool for PUBG Mobile

Hello everyone, Here is my new article on “How to Use Graphic Tool for PUBG Mobile“.

You all are familiar with the thing that PUBG has becomes a revolution in the entire gaming platform. You can watch the people’s all over world playing this game. PUBG has become one of the best game in entire world. It has over 100 millions downloads in PlayStore. Due to its continuous increase in popularity, PUBG Official’s has created its Lite version as well. This version also got so many download within small time of period. Since this games has lots of features which makes user experience better. Because of this , the app size is very large. You need a good quality processor, RAM and also storage.

If you are not able to afford high quality Mobile Phone, then you must face the problem of lag, Low FPS, Bad Sound Quality and Rendering etc. To finish this problem developer has created various Graphic Tools so you will not face these types of problems while playing. If you install these Tools in your Mobile Phone than it will solve your problem upto 80-90%.

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How to Use Graphic Tool for PUBG Mobile

These Graphic tools are very easy to use. Follow the steps given below :

1. First of all you have to install these tools in your Mobile Phone.

2. After that just open them.

3. Set all the settings according to your choice.

4. Click on “Run Game” button at the bottom.

So first of all you have to choose right Graphic Tool.

Which Graphic Tool is Better ?

There are lots of Graphic tools over internet or you can find them on PlayStore. But choosing the right one is very difficult task. If you choose right one, then it will definitely help you while playing. Also you have to choose perfect setting according to your phone features. Here i will tell you 3 Best Graphics Tools which you can use. I have also used these three for several days and i am totally satisfied with them. So let’s know about their names and features :

1. GFX Tool

How to Use Graphic Tool for PUBG Mobile

This graphic tool is named as GFX Tool. You can find it on PlayStore by typing “GFX Tool”. This is not an official app of PUBG, but you can access all features of this. Your mobile phone completely support this app. It has lots of features given as :

  • HDR features unlocked
  • Resolution Change
  • FPS – 30,40,60
  • Anti-Aliasing feature
  • Customize Shadow
  • Save Control
  • Sound Quality

Click Here to Download – GFX Tool

2. Flash Dog

Flash Dog is also a good graphic Tool for PUBG game. It provides you best gaming experience while playing. This app is also unofficial app of PUBG. It has similar features like GFX tool but also has something interesting and beneficial then GFX tool. It contains features as :

  • HDR feature
  • Resolution setting
  • Colour setting
  • GPU optimization
  • FPS
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Light effect
  • Shadow

It has an inbuilt feature which helps this app to find the installed processor in your Mobile Phone. Also it makes setup according to your mobile phone. If you didn’t like this , then you can click on customize button. From here you can setup the whole setting according to your choice.

It also provide you one another feature “Assist” which you can access by swiping the screen on left side. Here you can see two options which are disabled.

a) In Game loot location

b) Cross hair

You can enable these two options as well. It will show you the places on map with high loot. Also you can see vehicle on map. Cross hair will help you to set you hair while wearing your helmet.

Click here to Download – Flash Dog

3. BAGT Tool

How to Use Graphic Tool for PUBG Mobile

BAGT Tool also known as Battleground Advanced Graphic Tool. This is the perfect tool for mid-range mobile phones. There is also a bug button placed in this app or you can send direct feedback with the help of e-mail provided here. It consists of these features :

  • Graphic Quality
  • Resolution
  • Frame Per Second (FPS)
  • Shadow
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Sound Enhancement
  • Color Style
  • Rendering Quality
  • Rendering distance
  • Graphic API

You can also use other graphic tools of your choice. I may have missed many good tools, but i recommend you these 3 tools because i have used all these 3 graphic tools.

Click here to Download – BAGT Tool

Things to Keep in Mind ?

Since using all these tools helps us to make our game play smooth and faster, but you have to keep small things in mind. All you know that if a thing has positive aspect then it also have negative aspect too. So these are the things given below :

a) Update Timely : As you all know PUBG is updating on a regular interval of time. So the developer of various garphic tools also update their app version. So you have to update this app from PlayStore after each and every update of Game.

b) Ads Showing : After installation, when you open these app you will get various types of ads service. Maybe sometime these ads are very annoying for you.

c) Can Be Banned : Since these tools are not officially declared by PUBG Mobile official. So your account can be banned by using these tools. But it’s very rare case.

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I hope this article on “How to Use Graphic Tool for PUBG Mobile” is helpful for you. If you need any information regarding this article. Please feel free to comment in the box given below.

Thank You.

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