How to Set Caller Tune on Jio SIM
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How to Set Caller Tune on Jio SIM

Hello everyone, here is my new article on “How to Set Caller Tune on Jio SIM – 4 Methods“.

In modern time mobile phones are widely used by almost every individual. Because technology is progressing very well, the use of mobile phones is also increasing day by day. Mobiles have become a very important part in our life. In today’s time, every small or big work is done by mobile. It was a matter of its benefits but now we will talk about what are collar tunes.

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What is Caller Tunes ?

How to Set Caller Tune on Jio SIM

Whenever you call a person, any song that you hear until before taking his call can be called caller tune of that person. Caller tunes are provided by almost every network, but it depends on how much they will charge you. If there is no caller tune in your phone then you will only hear the sound of continuous bell.

So here i will tell you different methods of setting caller tune on Jio SIM only. These methods are very easy to understand and every new user can perform this. Here i will provide you a step by step guide on How to Set Caller Tune on Jio SIM easily.

How to Set Caller Tune on Jio SIM – 4 Methods

So here i will tell you about 4 different methods for setting up your jio caller tune. It will work for both jio mobile users and other mobile users, but you must have Jio SIM card in your phone. So lets start.

1. Using My Jio App

This method is oneof the most popular method used by almost every user. This is very easy method. Follow the steps given below :

  1. Open the PlayStore in your mobile phone.
  2. Search “My Jio” app and Install it on your phone.
  3. Now open the app and login with your Jio number in which you want to set Jio caller tune.
  4. On screen you will get a section named as ‘Useful Links’. From here click on Jio Tunes option.
  5. You can select any song from the library or you can search songs from the search box.
  6. After choosing your song click on Set as JioTune button.
  7. In the next screen you will get a confirmation screen. Simply click on Done button.

Congratulations! Your caller tune is ready.

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Benefits of this Method

This method is beneficial for you because by installing My Jio app on your phone you can access so many features. Like track on data usage, jio tunes, jio Tv, Live Chat, Offers etc. Also you can buy or redeem coupons and vouchers.

2. Using JioSaavn App

How to Set Caller Tune on Jio SIM

There is also one another app through which you can set your caller tune. This method has its own benefits. JioSaavn app lets you to listen your favourite music through internet access. It’s like Spotify, Wynk Music and other Music platform which leta you to access all types of songs. Follow the steps given below :

  1. Search the JioSaavn app on PlayStore and install it.
  2. Create a account by logging in.
  3. Search and select a song of tour choice which you want as your caller tune.
  4. Listen the preview of that song and click on set as ringtone button.
  5. After that you will get a verification SMS at your Mobile number.

This app lets you to listen all kind of songs. So if you love to listen songs then this method is more beneficial for you.

3. By SMS

You can also do this by using the SMS service of your phone. For this you must have an active plan on your jio SIM. After that follow the steps given below :

  1. Open your SMS application.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Type “JT” in capital letters and send it to “56789″.
  4. You will get a message after some time.
  5. Reply that message with your song name, singer name or Movie name. For example : <Humsafar>
  6. After that choose the song and reply with the appropriate option with it. Like 1,2,3 whatever no. includes the song name.
  7. After this you will get a confirmation message. Reply with ‘Y‘ if you want to confirm.
  8. All Done !

This method us little bit completed but still you can use it.

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4. Star (*) to Copy

The last Method is very easy to do. You can do this with only one click. But it is suitable some kind of situation like when you call someone from your phone. This process includes the copying of other person caller tune. Ut can be done in two steps as :

  1. Make a call to that person whose Caller tune you want to copy.
  2. When you hear the caller tune press the * button on the dial screen.
  3. Congratulations !

This method is very easy to perform because it need only one click. But this method is applicable only if you like someone caller tune.

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I hope this article on “How to Set Caller Tune on Jio SIM” is helpful for you. If you need any information regarding this article you can comment in the box given below.

Also share this valuable information with others.

Thank You.

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