How to Register Guest House in Tourism
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How to Register Guest House in Tourism

So here i am with my new article on “How to Register Guest House in Tourism“.

If you have a property that you want to run as a Guest House for Tourism purpose then i will tell you the full procedure through which you can make this happen. After doing this you can run a side wise or full time business for making money. In present time tourism is one of the best business platform to earn money. For this you must follow some guidelines according to the laws of your region. Different states can have different rules regarding this.

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It is very long process to get a Guest House Lisence. So you have to apply during the building construction. It is not necessary for pollution department to have your building completely ready. All you have to do is complete the structure of your building. I am from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. So i will tell you the process suitable for this region. It can be different in your state. So keep this thing in mind.

How to Register Guest House in Tourism

This process takes place into two steps.

1. Approval of Pollution Department

In the first step you have to get permission from Pollution Department of your District. (Kullu Office – Beas Mode, LIC Building)

You will get two types of permission as given below :

  • CTE – Consent to Establish
  • CTO – Consent to Operate

For this you need following documents

  • Drawings of Buildings
  • Project Report
  • Gram Panchayat NOC
  • NOC from Tourism Department ( Get it from Office Near Nehru Park, Tibeti Market )
  • Paper of That Land ( Nakal Jamabandi)
  • Tatima
  • Location Plan
  • Muck Management Plan

You can do this by following these steps :
1. Open this website – HP Consent Management
2. Click on New Industry Registration.
3. Fill your Data here.
4. First you have to apply for CTE and after this you have to apply for CTO file.

Total Fees – 10,000 ( depends upon project Investment )

2. Approval of Tourism Department

After getting the CTO permission you need following documents to submit at the Tourism Department of your area. But for this you have to prepare your Guest House completely.
Kullu Tourism Office – At the Back side of Taxi Stand Dhalpur Chalk
1. Affidavit of Self Declaration
2. Affidavit of Co- Shares
3. CTO copy from Pollution Department
4. NOC from Tourism Department
5. NOC of Gram Panchayat
6. Affidavit of Parking Area
7. Papers of That Land ( Nakal Jamabandi)
8. Tatima of Land
9. Affidavit of section 29 A act.

After getting all these Documents submit them to Tourism Department with a registration fees. (2400 rupees for 10 rooms).

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I hope this article on “How to Register Guest House in Tourism” will be helpful for you. If you need any information regarding this article, feel free to comment in th box goven below.

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