How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile
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How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

So here is new article on “How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile“.

PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular game throughout the whole world. It crossed over 100+ million downloads on PlayStore. PUBG Mobile has a great in-game Tier system. This system helps players to test their skills and in which they are one of the best players in the game. Of all tiers, the game has the highest level of Conqueror tier. Every PUBG mobile player try to reach this tier before ending the season. In this post, i will tell you about some tips and Tricks to increase tier level. With the help of this you will know about How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile. So lets start.

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How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

Try to apply these tricks while playing on PUBG Mobile game with your squad. It will definitely helps you to push your rank. Focus on your gaming skills. Try to play training mode for 20-30 minutes before entering in a classic Match.

1. Prediction of PlayZone

Emphasizing the Conqueror tier in every season of PUBG Mobile, a player should focus on predicting the most zones. Once you get good loot for yourself, start going to the Safe Zone first. If you want to hold on to a compound, be comfident and do not regret taking any gunfight for the compound. A player should try to enter the zone at all times so that no Enemy can hit him in the corner of the safe zone while entering.

2. Choose Best Weapons

How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

Solo Match : The best combination of guns are both automatic rifles for themselves, while pushing on the Conqueror tier in Solo Match. If you have complete confidence in your Sniping Skills then it is advisable to use a Sniper rifle.

Duo Match : A player is required to carry a Sniper Rifle or a DMR. A sniper rifle is very beneficial in Duo as you can easily kill enemy players and get the kill points you need and loot for yourself.

Squad Match : When playing in Squad Match, the best Gun Combination depends on the player’s skill. Each player should fire guns according to their role in the team and should coordinate accordingly.

3. Use of Vehicles

If you want to push Conqueror in PUBG mobile then you should always use vehicles. Moving up the ranks, the vehicles play a major role in Last Circle. With the help of a vehicle, players can easily move to the safe area instead of walking in the open area. In addition, vehicles can be used to make hardcovers in the final zone. You can also make cover in the open area by destroying the car.

4. Focus on More Killing

In rank push, you get more ranking points with a higher number of Kills. After reaching the Crown Tier, the importance of Kills in PUBG Mobile increases significantly. The number of enemies you kill in each match helps you get more points. Therefore, try to do more kills by joining the top 5 teams in every match.

5. Use of Throwables

How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

A player must carry at least 2-3 grenades, 3-4 smoke grenades. These Throwables are very helpful when rushing on any enemy team. With their help, you can find some early kills in the game. Grenades also help you a lot in the final circle. If you want to go to the zone in a small circle and have Enemy in front, then you can get cover by using smoke grenade.

6. Pickup Consumables

In PUBG Mobile like First Aid Kit, Made Kit, Bandages, Pain Killer, Energy Drinks etc. are very helpful in rank push. If you are damaged, you can fill your health bar by using first aid kit or med kit. Other Consumables like Pain Killer and Energy Drinks can fill your energy bar and if your health is low. It also helps to fill the health bar. Therefore, if possible, you should pick up as many Consumable Items so that you can survive till the last.

7. Don’t Rush

This is the last thing you should keep in mind while playing PUBG Mobile game. I hipe you all are familiar with the effect of negative point on early death. If you are at a higher tier like Crown or Ace, then you will get high minus point on early death. It doesn’t matter if you have more kills but you git killed in first 2-3 minutes. So try to land on a safe place far from other squads. Make a proper loot and after that push on enemies.

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I hope this article on How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile will helps you to gain higher league. If you need any information regarding this article. Please feel free to comment in the box given below.

Thank You.

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