How to Make User Friendly SEO Website in Wordpress
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How to Make User Friendly SEO Website in WordPress

Hello everyone! In this article i will tell you all about a new method of “How to Make User Friendly SEO Website in WordPress“.

I am sure that, if you are reading this post then you are familiar with the term ‘Website’. There are various types of methods through which you can set your website. A website must be user friendly for every single user so that the user can gain information easily on website. For this purpose you must know about the SEO tips to organize your website in proper manner. The SEO will helps your website to rank in Google as well as it provides a good platform for user interaction. Before starting this you all must know about SEO and what are the Uses of SEO Website.

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

How to Make User Friendly SEO Website in WordPressSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization mainly used for the consideration of search engine behavior. It simply depends upon the algorithm of search engine. SEO consider the keyword which a user is searching over the internet. It simply helps the user to get huge amount of organic traffic from the search on various platforms.

Need of SEO Website ?

Now the question arises ‘why we need SEO website?’. The SEO of a website is very important factor in the growth of a website. It consist of various aspects in it. The SEO of a website will help the owner in various ways as :

  • Ranking – Ranking is the one of the major factor in the SEO technique. If a website is fully SEO based then it will appear in the first page of any search engine.
  • Hight Traffic – High traffic is also 2nd major factor in SEO of a website. If your website will rank in higher position at any search engine then you will get a huge amount of traffic to your website.
  • Increase Revenue – Due to increase in high traffic and ranking it will also increase the revenue at your website. With the help of high traffic you will get more clicks on your ads and will helps you to generate more revenue.
  • Quality Traffic – With the help of SEO technique you will get a huge amount of quality traffic from the web. Because all the traffic comes from organic search in this case.
  • Easy Use and Trust – Since the SEO technique makes your website user friendly. So every individual can access your website easily and it also help in building a trust flow on your site.

You can check your website/Blog SEO score by following the links given below :

  1. Small SEO Tool
  2. Neil Patel SEO Tool
  3. Seobility

So let’s start the various methods of doing this work done!!!

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How to Make User Friendly SEO Website in WordPress

To make a user friendly SEO website you must keep these things in your mind :

How to Make User Friendly SEO Website in WordPress

1. Page Title

This is the major factor which is responsible for SEO of a website. You must add a Title Name for your website. The length of your website title must be greater than 51 characters. So you have to set a title of your page or website which is related to name of your website.

2. Meta Description

The 2nd thing you need to set is meta description for your website. The Meta description refers to the information which is related to your website or blog. E.g – You can give a short description about your website. So it can help the incoming user to understand about your website data. The characters length for this should be between 144 to 160 characters.

3. Headings

It is very important to add headings and subheading into your website. Headings are very helpful for the user to navigate in your website. They helps the user to access information easily and also they provide proper guidance to the user.

4. Robot.txt File

You have to add a robot.txt file in your c-panel area. This file allow web robots to crawl your web pages in your blog or website. This file helps in indexing process of your web pages. Due to this your website will be available in google search or in any other search engine.

5. Broken Links

You have to check links that are broken in your website. Broken links are formed when you remove or delete some of your articles in website. E.g – If you have a article having internal links inside it, but user opens it and can get a error message like “404 page not found”. This types of links are called as Broken Links.

You can check the broken links of your website by using a Plugin – ‘Broken Link Checker’.

6. SEO Friendly URL

Try to add SEO friendly URL in your website. An SEO friendly url must contain only number, slashes and alphabets. The use of underscore, uppercase alphabets and other special characters are not SEO friendly. So try to avoid all these things during article writing.

7. Image Alt Text

The images which you have uploaded in your website must have Alt attribute. This will also help you to increase seobility of your website. So don’t forget to add Alt text of every uploaded image.

8. Inline CSS Test

Here Inline CSS refer for the amount of ads which you have implemented over your website. If you have a greater number of ads in your website then it will directly affect the SEO of website. Try to put less number of ads in your website.

9. Fevicon or Logo

Now fevicon or logo is the important part of your website. The website logo helps the user to identify your website. So make a logo which is suitable for your website.

10. WWW Redirection

Your website must be redirected from www to your web address. E.g – My website is , so it redirects from to

I hope this article will be helpful to all of you. If you need any help regarding this article, Please feel free to comment in the box given below. I will try to resolve all your issues.

I hope you like this article about “How to Make User Friendly SEO Website in WordPress“. Please share as much as you can.

Thank You.

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