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How to Make Order in Flipkart – Step by Step

Hello everyone ! This article is about “How to Make Order in Flipkart“.

In present time online shopping has become one of the most popular method of shopping. Most of people place different order by using their mobile phones. This method is widely used because you can done this by sitting at your home. If you went outside for shopping, you may not get various things at one place. You have to move from one shop to other shop for different things. But in online shopping you will get various types of things at one store. There are lots of store available over internet. You may have heard about some of them like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Club Factory etc.

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There must be lots of more online stores which i didn’t mention here. Here i will tell you about How to Make order in Flipkart. Before starting this let me explain you a little bit about the term Flipkart.

What is Flipkart ?

Flipkart is an online shopping platform which allows you to order various types of things over internet. Firstly it was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. At present time the CEO of Flipkart is Kalyan Krishnamurthy. It is also India’s one if the most popular online store. It mainly consists almost all things like Electronics, Books, Fashion Materials, Grocery, Jewelry, Music and Movies etc.

Now i will tell you about how you can make order from Flipkart by using your mobile phone. So let’s start.

How to Make Order in Flipkart

First of all you must have an account associated with the Flipkart. If you haven’t created any account, then let’s create an account first. Follow the steps given below :

1. Open the official Website or Download app.

2. If you are new then click on Sign Up, otherwise you can click on Log in button.

3. After clicking on Sign Up button you have to enter your mobile number.

4. After that Flipkart will send you a OTP on the number which you have entered in last step.

5. Enter the OTP to complete the verification of your Mobile number.

6. In the next screen you have to choose a Password for your account.

7. Congratulations ! You account is ready.

For a better experience i recommend you to download the Flipkart App in PlayStore, because it is easier to use then its web version.

Now the next thing is to place a order through it. For this follow the steps given below :

1. Open the App.

2. Search the item which you want to buy through search box at the top of the home page.

3. Click on the item which you want to buy. At the Bottom of screen you will see two options Add to Cart and Buy Now.

4. Here you can choose add to cart option if you want to buy more than one things. But if you want to buy only one thing then click on Buy Now.

5. After that you have to add you delivery address.

6. The last thing is to enter your payment method. Here you have two options : You can choose either Cash on delivery or Online payment.

Cash On delivery : If you choose cash on delivery then you will get a Captcha on next screen. You have to enter the code and now your order has been placed.

Online Payment : Online Payment can be done by Net banking like credit card, debit card etc. You have to add your ATM card details like 16 digit no., Name on card, Expiry date and CVV number etc.

7. Done ! Now you can track your order by going on your profile – My order at the right corner of mobile screen.

Also you will get Text messages from Flipkart on every update.

Features of Flipkart –

Although Flipkart is one of the most popular platform for online shopping. So you will get lots of features form them :

How to Make Order in Flipkart

1. Free Delivery

You will get free delivery on various products. No matter from where you are placing your order. You will get free delivery with zero charge. This offer is not available on every product but you will get this offer at many products.

2. Best Offers

You will get the most amazing offers from Flipkart store. Also they provides you huge amount of discount on various things. You can compare the prices of products with other other stores, you will definitely get the best discount here.

3. Super Coin Zone

Now this the most interesting and beneficial offer from Flipkart. If you order any product from Flipkart, then you will get super coins on every product. You can use these super coin to gain discount on various products. Also you can buy membership of different platform like YouTube premium, tinder, Hotstar etc.

4. Flipkart Plus Zone

How to Make Order in Flipkart

With the help of these super Coins you can buy Flipkart plus zone membership for one year. After getting Plus zone you will get the latest products and offers instantly. User which doesn’t have this plus zone, they will get this offer later. If you want to continue this Plus zone then you have to renew your membership.

5. Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery option is one of the best option they had provided to user. By doing this you will get product through the delivery boy at your address. You can check the product while making payment of that product. This will helps you to get the good quality product.

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I hope this article will help you. For any help comment on the box given below.

Thank You.

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