How to Maintain KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile
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How to Maintain KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile

Hello everyone ! Here is new article on “How to Maintain KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile“.

PUBG Mobile has become a famous mobile game in India today. The fame of this game has been at the top since 2018. Every player has a dream to be the best in this game. Hence the game has a K / D Ratio which shows your game performance. If you have more KD then it means that you are a good player. I hope you all are familiar with the term ‘KD’. If not, let me first introduce about the KD ratio.

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What is KD Ratio ?

In PUBG Mobile, the term KD ratio defines the rate of kills per death. It means that how many matches you have played and how many kills you get ? For example, if you have played 10 matches and you killed 20 enemies, then your KD will be of 2. This KD system is according to the latest system. It doesn’t depend upon the other factors such as gameplay time, damage etc.

How to Maintain KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile

Here i will tell you some basic tips through which you can maintain your KD system to some extent. Mostly it depends upon your gaming skills, so practice more.

1. Don’t Go for Hot Drop

Avoid hot drops if you want to increase your KD resume in PUBG Mobile. It often happens in the hot drop that the chances of getting a gun or armor are very less. Because of which we die unarmed. Due to unarmed death, our KD decreases and very high rank also decreases. But sometimes it happens that we get gun and we kill enemies.

It is up to you whether or not you can kill enemies when you get a gun. If you are playing a squad match, at least two people in your squad are required to get a gun in the hot drop. Because it can also happen that the enemy gets a gun. So it would be good that you avoid maximizing hot drops.

2. Play with Your Squad

If you play a match with Randoms, you may lack coordination. Due to lack of communication, you can also lose the match. It would be better if you play with your regular team. You must know the skills of your squad member. This will improve your coordination in the game and you can also win the game. If the coordination and support in your squad is not right then taking kills is also not easy. Due to which your KD may decrease.
So if possible, play the match with your squad. With this, you will be able to take kills easily and your K / D Ratio will also be maintained.

3. Aggressive Gameplay

If you want to increase your K / D Ratio then you have to play Aggressive. In this new K / D System it does not depend on how long you stay in the game. If a player stay in the game for too long without kills, it will not help to increase his K / D Ratio at all. Therefore players will have to play the game with Aggressive Strategies. This can help increase their KD.

For example, if a player has to maintain a K / D Ratio of 3, he must kill at least 3 enemies in every match. If he does not kill 3 enemies in every match, his KD will decrease. If he had more than 3 kills in each match, this would increase his KD.

About New KD System

In this new update of PUBG Mobile, the system for calculating K / D System has been changed. In the old K / D system, it used to be that if you go for long periods of time without kills, it can increase your KD. But this is not the case in this new update. The new KD system calculates K / D based on the total matches played. This system divides the player’s total matches played by his total kills.

K / D = Total Kills / Total Matches
e.g. Total Kills = 1200 and Matches = 300
K / D = 1200/300 Then K / D = 4
The KD ratio can also be called Kills Per Match. Because it refers to the kills made in a match.

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I hope thia article on “How to Maintain KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile” will be helpful for you. If you need any information regarding this article. Please feel free to comment in the box given below.

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