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How to Increase TikTok Followers and Likes

Hello everyone ! Here is my new article on “How to Increase TikTok Followers and Likes”.

You all must heard about the term TikTok in your daily life because this application is used by most of the people. This app is one of the famous application among all other applications. Maybe you also use TikTok app but you don’t have more followers on TikTok. So you want to increase Tiktok Followers and Likes. If you want to make this happen in real life then read the full article at the end. It will defiantly help in some extent.

If you are new to this app and you don’t have any idea about TikTok app, then you must gain some knowledge about it. You must know about what is TikTok ? How to Create TikTok Account ? I have already written a separate article on this, where I have explained everything in easy language. Also I have listed 3 simple methods through which you can earn money from TikTok.

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What is TikTok ?

TikTok is simply a social media android app which allows you to upload a 15 seconds or 1 Minutes video. Also they provide some editing features like effects, slow motion, reverse effect etc. You can also make duet videos with other users. TikTok also provides you huge amount of songs on their database and also you can add your own music from your storage.

Feature of TikTok

How to Increase TikTok Followers and Likes

TikTok provides you various types of features which make this application very interesting. This social media app allows you to make chat as well as to upload videos. You can make videos on various categories like acting, sports, education, dance, singing etc. Because of these amazing features this app is used by most of the peoples worldwide. Here I will list out the some features provided by the TikTok app. So the features were listed below :

1. Chat

2. Upload Videos

3. Follow

4. Live

5. Like and Comment

6. Make Duet

7. Video Sharing

How to Increase TikTok Followers and Likes

There are various types of methods through which you can increase tiktok followers and likes. It is not mandatory that these methods will works for every user. Sometime you may not get the best result but don’t lose hope. Not all but you will get 70-80% of results. So don’t stop at any point and keep doing efforts. So lets starts.

1. Upload Good Quality Videos

This is the first thing that you have to keep in mind while using TikTok. If you upload a video having high quality then there is more chance that your video will get viral. When you upload a video on TikTok , then they will show this videos to different users. As the number of user starts increasing, the video quality also starts decreasing form one user to other user. So if you upload a high quality video at the starting, then there is 100% chance that your video will reach out to maximum number of users. This will defiantly helps you to get more views.

2. Upload on Regular Time Interval

The second main thing is to upload the video after a regular interval of time. If you upload the content on a particular time then you will engage all of your followers with your content. Also the consistency with your content is good habit. Some people post good quality videos but they upload after long time. Due to this they lost their most of users.

3. Make Duet

By making solo videos you, will get only followers and likes from your content quality. If you make a duet with other user then it will helps you to gain followers from that user also. If your video content is good enough, then the possibility of getting followers from that user also increases automatically. Make sure that create your duet videos with user having lots of followers. Because this will increase your chance of getting more followers and likes.

4. Follow for Follow

The one thing that every user wants from other user is to get follow back. If you have very low followers on your account, then try to follow back all of your followers. This will also make a good bond between you and your followers. There is also chance that they will like your content and also the possibility of sharing your video will increases.

5. Use Tags

When you create a video on TikTok app, you will get a option of adding Tags on that video. This option will helps you to get your videos viral. You have to add various types of tags in that video. Make sure that your tags must be related to your content. Don’t use unnecessary tags, this can result in negative way. Also you can use the trending tags, which will defiantly works for you.

6. Like, Comment and Reply

Try to add Like and comment on the other user videos. By liking other user videos then there is chance of getting like back from that user. Also by adding a comment on someone videos, you add a dofollow backlink. Many user watching that video can visit to your profile directly by clicking on your comment. Also there is chance of getting more followers through this steps.

7. Paid Promotion

You must hear about Paid promotion through various platforms. You can get huge amount of followers form paid promotion. For this you have to spent fix amount of money which depends upon various platforms. For example : You can run advertisement on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Yuotube etc. You can also contact to other TikTok user which have huge amount of follower on his account.

8. Make Unique Content

The main thing while making video is that your content must be different from other. If your idea is unique then your videos will get viral easily. Because every user wants something new at the present time. For this you have to increase your creativity level to further extent. If your content is differ from other user then people will defiantly share and make duet with you.

9. Use Your Own Music

TikTok provides lots of songs on which you can create your videos. But also you can add your own music. By adding your own music your video will get defiantly more views. If you have added a song in your video then everytime when someone uses that song, your name will be shown upon their videos.

10. Follow and Unfollow Popular User

This is the last method of getting free followers. This method is like playing with TikTok algorithm. By this process you will get defiantly followers. For this you have to follow most popular TikTok users. You all knows that every popular user gets a blue tick on their profile. So follow the 50 users atleast having blue tick on their profile. After few times you will suddenly get free followers. After that you have to unfollow these user and do the same process again. But don’t do that in excess amount. It may have negative effect also.

How to Increase TikTok Followers and Likes from Website

There is also one another method through which you can gain direct followers and likes from a website. For this you have to add your username in that website. For this you have to follow the steps given below :

1. Open the Web browser in your mobile phone.

2. Search for Vip tool.

3. In the main page you have to enter the captcha code to enter in the next screen.

4. Here you have to add your basic details.

Done !

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I hope this article on How to Increase TikTok Followers and Likes is helpful for you. If you need any help regarding this article, please feel free to comment in the box given below.

Thank You.

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