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How to get free PUBG Elite Pass by Simple Trick

Hello everyone! Here i am with my new article on “How to get free PUBG Elite Pass by Simple Trick”.

PUBGI am pretty sure that most of you guys are very familiar with PUBG also know as Players Unknown BattleGround. At the present time this game is one of the mostly played game ever. This game is available in both versions, one is PC version and another one is mobile version. Also this game have the highest number of downloads in play store. If you don’t know about this game you can check it through play store.

Download PUBG mobileClick here

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You also know about the Elite Pass in PUBG. There are so many missions in this games which you have to complete. Also you have to complete these mission before the end of season. Elite Pass give you access for some extra features in this game. But you have to upgrade your pass to Elite pass. For that purpose you must have real money.

Here in this article i will tell you about PUBG simple and free trick through which you can upgrade your pass without investing any money. It’s a very simple trick and anyone can do that. So let’s just start.

How to get free PUBG Elite Pass by Simple Trick

For the completion of this trick we use a application. To complete this trick please follow this steps :

1. First open your play store.

2. Search for ‘Google Opinion Rewards’ and install this application in your android.

Click here to downloadGoogle Opinion Rewards

3. Sign in with the help of your gmail id which is connected to your play store.

4. Now in this application you have to simply give the answers of some surveys asked by google.


5. After each surveys, they will give you money for that. In above picture you can see that i only gave 4 surveys and google give me 25 rupees for that.

6. You can use this money to upgrade your pass to Elite Pass.


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I hope this article will help you, for any help regarding this topic you can comment below.

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