How to get Followers on Instagram
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How to get Followers on Instagram

Hello everyone! In this article i will tell you about “How to get Followers on Instagram” by free method.

In present time, most of the people were aware about the term ‘Instagram’. Because everyone use the Instagram app in daily life. This app is world wide popular and it is also used for communication purpose like the Facebook and Whatsapp. Instagram is very popular due to its high usage.

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What is Instagram ?

Instagram is a social media app which is commenly used for communication. It allow user to gain Followers and also to follow other user. It also provide us to share pictures and videos to the other people’s. It also provide us story feature which allow user to add a story which automatically vanish after 24 hours. Also there are so many features like Boomerang, Rewind, Super Zoom, Live etc. You can also customize your pictures with so many effects, which makes your pictures something extraordinary.

How to get Followers on Instagram

How to get Followers on Instagram

Here i will tell you all about a free method on “How to get Followers on Instagram“. This method is very simple and it is free of cost. Simply follow the steps given below :

1. First you must have an Instagram account.

2. Open your Instagram account and then click on Search button.

3. In the search box type the name “Justin Bieber”.

4. Click on Follow button.

5. Then follow at least 30 Singers by searching the name of singer or you can simply use the suggestion in Justin Bieber profile.

6. Follow up to 50-60 people who have Blue tick on their Profile.

[Blue tick on profile means the account owner is verified by the Instagram]

7. After some time you will saw that people starts following you and also starts liking your photos.

8. After half an hour you have to simply unfollow these people and follow them again.

9. By doing this again your Instagram followers starts increasing.

10. You have to do the same procedure for many times to get more followers on Instagram.


Don’t use this trick to much time, because Instagram can block you for doing malicious attempts. Use this trick for 4-5 times in a day.

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I hope this article will be helpful for you. If you need any help regarding this topic, you can comment on the box given below.

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