How to Get Approval for UC News in Simple Way
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How to Get Approval for UC News in Simple Way

Hello everyone ! Here is my new article on “How to Get Approval for UC News in Simple Way”.

I hope you all know about the UC News Program and the benefits of this program. In this article i will tell you about how you can apply for this program and can get easy approval. If you don’t know, then let me explain little bit about it. So the Question arises here What is UC News?

UC News is a platform provided by UC Web Inc. to execute various types of contents about news. This feature is integrated with UC browser. If you have Uc browser and you use this browser on daily basis, then you will find a news section on Home Page of that browser. The news section present here were generated by UC we Media. You can also find more information on google about it.

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How to Get Approval for UC News in Simple Way

To get approval is not a big deal. If you put your information correctly then you will get approval soon by Uc we media team. So first of all you have to apply for this program. Follow the steps given below :

1. First of all search UC We Media on Google.

How to Get Approval for UC News in Simple Way

2. Then Click on the Sign up Button to create a account on Uc we Media.

3. For sign up, you will need only E-mail account. If you don’t have click here on How to Make a G-mail account step by step.

4. After Sign up, click on the Login button and put your e-mail and password you entered before.

5. In the next step you have to fill your personal information like Name, E-mail, Language, Category and Pan Card Number.

How to Get Approval for UC News in Simple Way

[Note : You must have a Pan card for this, In case you don’t have, you can use your family member Pan Card]

6. Upload 2 Photograph – (a) Pan Card (b) Personal Photo.

7. After that you can add your blog or website address if you have. But it’s not necessary for that.

8. It’s Done ! Your will get a confirmation email within few weeks.

Try to add more links of your profile like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to make this process easier. They will increase the chance of getting approval.

Why to Use Uc News ?

Now the another question arises here why to use Uc news. How it is helpful for us? As you all know that Millions of people uses Uc Browser everyday. They also saw the news section and many of them read them. What if your article is under that section and thousands of people read it. If you are a good content writer you can grow a huge audience. Also you can move that audience direct to your blog. It helps you in many ways as described below :

1. Earn Money

You can earn money easily on by writing for Uc news. If you got high views on your article you will be get paid for this.

2. Ads Monetization

You can also add various ads between your article. This will also helps you to get money quickly.

3. Huge Traffic

You can divert the whole traffic to your website by putting Backlinks. It will helps your website to get high ranking on google. Also you can earn money by ads that were displayed on your website.

What you can Post ?

Uc News Program is mainly for the news regarding Politics, entertainment, Bollywood gossip, cricket, movies etc. But you can put any kind of post related to many other fields like Tech, music, lifestyle. After writing a post you have to verify it first. Once it is verified your post will be published on the Uc Browser News Feed.

I hope this post is helpful for you. If you need any information regarding this, please let me know in the comment section given below.

Thank you.

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