How to Earn Money by TikTok
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How to Earn Money by TikTok – 3 Simple Method

Hello everyone ! Here is new article on “How to Earn Money by TikTok“.

You all must have heard about ways to earn money online. You must have tried many of these methods in your life. Although we may not succeed everywhere, it is the easiest way to earn money. If you have a smartphone and you know how to use the Internet properly, then friends, you can earn a lot of money right from home. In today’s era, almost everyone has a smartphone but he uses it to waste time instead of doing good things. If you use it in a good way, you will benefit greatly.

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Friends, today we will talk about one such app through which you can earn a lot of money right from home. The app I’m talking about is named “TikTok“. You all will be well aware of this app, because this app is being run all over the world in modern times. Do not panic if you do not know about this app. In this post, I will give you complete information about this app. So let’s first know what TikTok is?

What is TikTok ?

TikTok is one such social media platform that gives you the facility of video sharing. You can put any type of video on it. In this, you can upload short videos of 15 seconds. At most, you can put up to 1 minute of video in it. In addition, you will also get many editing features which will help you to make your video more effective. TikTok has also created a Chinese form of this app, which has around 300 million people online in a month. also had a similar app used before TikTok. But it had very few features according to this app. The new logo of TikTok is based on both these apps.

Download TikTok – TikTok

How to create an account on TikTok?

Creating an account on TikTok is very easy. You can also create an account on this by phone number or email. For this, you have to install this app from PlayStore by going to the above link and after that create your account.

If you have your Facebook ID, you can create your own account directly through it. This is the easiest way and in this way you do not need to fill your information either. All of your Facebook information comes into it by itself.

Features of TikTok

So friends, I will tell you that if you use TikTok, what features it gives you, due to which you will like it. Ultimately why you should use it. Will it be useful for you or not? TikTok offers us a lot of features, but here I will tell a few main features. So it goes like this –

  1. Video Sharing – Video sharing is its first and most important feature. Because the first purpose of this app is video sharing. In this, you can upload any type of video. For example, you can put funny videos or you can put dance videos. In addition, you will also get a variety of video effects in it. Such as – slomotion, reverse video effect etc.
  2. Follow others – By making videos on TikTok, you have to create your profile or account here. In this, you can follow another user like you. If you like a person’s content then follow it so that you can watch every video of it. It can also happen that if you follow a celebrity and they can follow you back then.
  3. For Talking – Along with the follow, you can also chat with others in it. You can send a message to any user. But for this, first you have to follow that user. If this same user also follows you back then you can easily send messages to each other. You can also share someone else’s video through your message. For this you will not need any other social media network.
  4. Like and commenting – If you have seen a video that you like very much, then you can like and comment on that video. To like you just have to double click on that video. Also, you can also comment by clicking on the option of comment in the right site. You can comment only if the user has kept the comments open for everyone. You cannot comment for private user. And you can also make your account private so that only people who want to show your video can see it.
  5. Duet Video – You can create a Duet video with another user in it. You can appreciate your reaction and any video in it. You can also copy another user and also complete the dialog. Because of this you will be able to increase interaction with new users. Also, viewers of that user will also see your profile and you can also follow them.
  6. Popularity – Its second biggest advantage is that you can get popularity in it. If you have good talent and you put good videos, you can become a star soon. Here you can try all kinds of talent. There are many people who have made TikTok a star. So friends you can try your luck too.
  7. Live Video – The best feature of TikTok is that you can put live video on it. But not everyone can use this feature. If you have 1000 followers then this feature will be available for you. If you make good videos and upload videos every day, then unlocking this feature is not a difficult task for you. So guys try as much as possible. Because by live video you can also earn coins. Which you can later convert to real money as well.

So friends, it is a matter of features, but now we talk about how you can earn money in it.

How to Earn money by TikTok?

I will talk here about 3 ways through which you can earn money by TikTok. So friends these methods are very easy. Any user can use them and earn a lot of money. I will give you complete information about these methods so that you will not face any difficulty.

How to Earn Money by TikTok

  1. Promotion – You will already know about promotion. If not, for your information, let me tell you that promotion means – to promote. For example – if you have something that you want to sell, then you can promote it so that it can reach more people and benefit you. Now the question is coming in your mind that how can we promote and earn money on TikTok? If you put a good video on TikTok which is watched by a lot of people and your followers are very much, then you can also tell about a product on it. If you run a business or have a shop, you can sell different things. This is the thing about promoting your product, as well as you can get offers from many companies. If you have a lot of followers, then you get a lot of money for promoting products from different companies. You just have to make a video and tell a little about that product and for this the company will pays you at least 500 $ to 5000 $. This method is easy and beneficial only because you can earn more money with less effort. In this, you do not have to give your share to anyone, you can take all the money in your account or as you wish.
  2. By TikTok – Did you know that you can earn money by staying on TikTok? Yes friends, you can earn money by coin on it. If you have unlocked the live feature on TikTok, then you can go live and earn coins. Whenever you go live, if your fans like you, they send you emoji in various ways. You get coins in exchange for these emoji. Let me tell you that every emoji has its own value. For example, the price of emoji made of diamond is the highest. If your fans give you a diamond emoji, then it will prove to be most beneficial for you. Because the more emoji you have, the more coins you will receive. If you have a lot of coins collected then you can redeem them, in return you get real money. Let me tell you that this method is not so good because you do not have as much benefit from it as you are from promoting. At the same time, you also have to work hard in it. You will always have to keep your fans happy so that they support you as much as possible. Mostly it has been seen that people get bored of seeing the same thing again and again after a short time. If you put the same kind of content in your video, it will be very harmful for you. That is why you always try to have something new in your video so that people keep their interest and they like you. If you work hard, you can earn money in this way too, but this method will not beneficial for you.
  3. Cross Follow – Now you might be wondering what this cross follow is. It is possible that most of you will be aware of this, but for those who do not know, let me tell you that through the profile of your TikTok you can also increase the followers of your other social media networks. TikTok also gives you the feature that you can link your Instagram and YouTube profile links to TikTok’s ID. Through which you can increase the follower on other social media networks. Now I will tell you how you can earn money in this way? You will know that you can make money on YouTube too. If you use YouTube’s app, then you see that in the middle of the video you get a variety of ads which are installed by Google Adsense. Through these ads you can earn money on YouTube. If your channel is also monetization enabled, then you can bring all your followers from TikTok to YouTube channel. If more people will see and click on YouTube’s ads then you will benefit a lot from it. Also, you can increase your follower on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Through all these platforms, you can promote any product easily. This will be most beneficial for you because through this method you can earn money at different places at once.

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In the methods mentioned above, I have told all the things very well. There can be more ways to earn money on TikTok, but these 3 methods are most beneficial and are mostly used.
I hope that the information given by me will be beneficial for you.
If you need any help, please comment in the box given below.

Thank you.

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