How to Download Youtube Songs for Free
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How to Download Youtube Songs for Free

Here is my new article on “How to Download Youtube Songs for Free“.

Youtube is one of the most popular platform for sharing songs and videos. People from all over world use this app. You can find this app inside of almost every user phone. This app is pre-installed on android phones. I think India has maximum number of users which uses android devices. But inspite of this, YouTube is used by other platform users such as iOS, Windows, BlackBerry etc. As time is passing, YouTube is widely used by most of people’s.. In today’s era, we get all the information on YouTube, whether it is about education or entertainment.

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What is YouTube ?


By the way, most people were aware about youtube. Nevertheless let me tell you that YouTube is a video sharing platform. On which you can upload related videos from any topic you want. Also you can take information by watching other videos. Also you can enjoy songs and movies on YouTube. You do not need an account to watch videos on YouTube. You have to download youtube App on PlayStore. But if you have to upload a video then for this you will have to create an account.

How to Download Youtube Songs for Free

First of all, let me tell you that you can download songs in two ways from YouTube.

1. Offline download

After downloading the ofline you can listen to any song without internet. Whenever you download a song ofline, you can play that song through YouTube app. To download the song, first you have to open that video and after that you will see the download option below the video. You have to select the quality of the video and then click on download. Keep in mind that all these songs are saved on your YouTube app, so do not delete this app’s data by mistake. Otherwise you will loose all downloaded songs.

2. Download to storage

The second method is very good. Through this method, you can download songs directly into the phone’s storage. And you can also send these songs to other people. You can listen to these songs in the music player of your phone. There are many ways to do this. In this post, I will tell you the best way of How to Download Youtube Songs for Free. So let’s start.

A. Download Youtube Songs by App

Downloading songs through any app becomes a very easy task. To download songs from YouTube, you will get a variety of apps available on Internet. However, these applications were not made by YouTube officials. But still you can use them. The name of the app that I am talking about is Snaptube. Maybe you are familiar with this app. You can Download Youtube Songs for free by using this app.

Click here to download – Snaptube

How to Download Youtube Songs for Free

I have used this app many times and this app is very good. Its interface is very easy to handle for new users. It looks like YouTube copy. To Download Youtube Songs by this app, follow the steps given below :

1. From YouTube App

Open YouTube app > search for songs > Click on Share button below screen > Select Snaptube icon > Select Quality or Format (mp3).

2. By Snaptube App

Open Snaptube App > Search For songs > Click on the Download button > Select Quality and Format > Click on download.

There are lots of other apps available on internet. You can also use them if you can’t find this helpful.

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B. Download Youtube Songs by Website

Yes, you can also use the website to download YouTube songs. For this, there should be any browser in your phone. Then follow the steps given below :

1. First go to YouTube’s application or website. And search for that video. Which you have to download.

2. Then copy the video’s URL by clicking the Sharing button on that video.

3. Then go to the website with y2mate. You can go directly to that website by clicking below.

How to Download Youtube Songs for Free

4. Then you will find a box there and paste the URL of youtube video into it. And click on the search button.

5. After that you will get Interface in front of your screen. If you want to download that YouTube song. Then you can Click on MP3 or Option with Audio. If you click in the audio, then there you will get a quality category that how you want to download.

6. After that click on Download button.

Now you can find them on phone storage.

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C. Download by Online Video Convertor

You can also download YouTube songs using the online video converter, for this you must first convert the video to audio. This is a very easy process, for this you follow the steps given below :

1. First of all you have to open any video on YouTube, after that you have to copy the link of that video, to copy the link of the video, you have to click on the share button below and then click on the copy link url button.

2. After that you have to open the browser in your mobile and search in it, as soon as you open this website you will see a box.

Download Youtube Songs for free

3. In this box you have to paste the copied link from YouTube, after that you have to click on the search button.

4. After searching, you will see the image of that video and also you will see the option to convert to MP3 there, after selecting quality, you have to click on the convert button.
After waiting for a while, your video file will be converted to mp3.

5. Click on download mp3 file button.

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I hope this article on How to Download Youtube Songs for Free completely solved your downloading issue. If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to comment in the box given below.

Thank You.

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