How to create Gmail account in Mobile Phone
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How to Create Gmail account in Mobile Phone

Hello everyone ! Here i will tell you about “How to Create Gmail account in Mobile Phone“.

The Gmail account is very useful in our daily life. It will help you in many ways like communication and at many other social platform. You can send information to other with the help of gmail account. This method of communication is widely used worldwide. People simply communicate with other person by simply sending them E-mail.

Now here i will tell you about the simple steps to create Gmail account by using your mobile phone. Here we create Gmail account in two different ways. So let’s just start.

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How to Create Gmail account in Mobile Phone

Method – 1

For the first method we simply make use of any web browser like Google Chrome, Uc Browser, Mozilla etc. For this you must have atleast one web browser in your mobile phone. If not then you can simply download these web browser from Play Store.

How to create Gmail account in Mobile Phone

Download from Below :

After downloading the app in your phone follow the steps given below :

1. Open the Gmail first. [Click Here]

2. Click on Create an Account button.

3. In the next page fill up your information such as First Name, Last Name, Username or Password.

[Note : Your Gmail will aquire your User name. Such as if you choose ‘Hello’ then your gmail will be ]

4. After filling up your information click on next Button.

5. After this you have to add your phone number, Recovery E-mail, Date of birth and Gender.

(Recovery E-mail helps in recovering your password if you have lost your Password)

6. Click on next Button.

7. In next page read the Privacy policy and Term & condition carefully. After that click on agree button.

Congratulations!!!! You have created your G-mail Account successfully.

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Method – 2

You can simply use the 2nd method to create Gmail account. For this you have to take the help of Gmail app. Every mobile have already installed Gmail app in it. But if you don’t have then download the app using the link given below :

How to create Gmail account in Mobile Phone

After downloading the above app simply open the app and follow these steps :

1. Click on Add account button.

2. Choose the google option and click on the create account button to start the process.

3. Enter your first name and Last name then click on Next button.

4. After that enter your date of birth and gender. Then click on next button. In the next page choose the appropriate gmail address for your account. After that click on next button.

5. Choose your password and click on next button.

6. In the next screen pull down the screen and click on the “Yes i’m in” button.

7. In the next screen read the Privacy policy carefully and click on ‘I agree’ button.

Congratulations!!!! You have created Gmail account successfully.

I hope this article will help you to create Gmail account.

If you need any information about this, you can simply comment in the box given below. I will try to resolve your issues if possible.

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