How to Create a Facebook Business page
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How to Create a Facebook Business page – Full Guide

Hello everyone ! Here is my new article on “How to Create a Facebook Business page“.

You are totally aware with the term Facebook, because Facebook is used by most of the people worldwide. Also this platform is one of the largest social media platform. In modern time people are connected with each other through various Social Media platforms. These platform provides us so many features like chatting, video calling, for business purposes. Also these helps us to gain various types of latest information and news all over the world. Although these social media platform has so many negative effect, if we won’t use them properly. So it is in our hand, how we use these technologies. So let’s start.

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As you all are well aware with Facebook. If not, then Facebook is a social media platform which provides us different kinds of features like chatting, video calling, Media Sharing, Promoting our business etc.

If you are a business owner then you can create your own Business account. This will help you to grow your business. Also you can make a huge amount of profit through this process. So here i will tell you How to Create a Facebook Business page in simple steps.

How to Create a Facebook Business page ?

How to Create a Facebook Business page

The first thing you need a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account is very simple task. For this you simply need a mobile number on which you want to create account. You can follow these step by using mobile phone also. Follow the steps given below :

1. Open the official page of Facebook.

2. Click on Create Account.

3. In next screen enter First name and Last name.

4. After that put your date of birth details.

5. In next screen add your Mobile Number.

6. Select your Gender.

7. Choose a strong password for your account. And click on Sign Up button.

Congratulations ! Your account is ready.

After creating your Facebook account successfully, Now you are ready to create your Business page. For this follow the steps given below :

1. Open the link – Create Page

2. First of all you have to set a name for your business page. Add the appropriate name which is suitable for your business. Click on next button.

3. In the next step choose category. Here category refers to the business with which you are dealing. So choose a correct category which perfectly define your Business. For example, if you have a website then click on Website & Blog. After that choose a Sub category according to your business profile. Then click on next button.

4. If you have a website, then you will get a box where you can add your website url. So anyone can visit directly to your website.

5. In the next step set a clear and appropriate profile photo. Profile photo is very much important for your business. It can clearly explain what your business is all about ?

6. Also you have a second option of setting your cover photo. Cover photo is generally a background photo which appears on the back of your profile photo. A visitor can directly see this photo after opening your front page. Click on Next Button.

Done ! Your page is ready.

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To create a Facebook business page is very easy task, but to maintain this page is very difficult task. You have to follow some steps to engage your audience to make profit. If you are not able to do this then there is no benefit of this page. Don’t worry i will tell you 5 things which will help you to gain more benefit.

5 things to keep in Mind

1. Add Button : First of all after creating your business page successfully, now you have to manage it. If you have not added profile picture and cover photo earlier, then set these first. Because these are the most important things to do. After that you can add a button on the Home screen. You can add a Contact Us button or you can add chat button. Anyone who visit your page and find some difficulty there, then they can directly contact you with the help of these buttons. If you get any message from user then try to respond them as quickly as you can. Because this will effect your page strength. People will engage more if you had faster response rate.

2. Invite Friends : The second thing to keep in mind is to gain more likes and Followers. If you don’t have more followers then your content is limited to less number of people’s. So you have to invite as many as friends you can. You can invite friends on various platform like WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

3. Create a Username : I am sure that you are confused about this term, Because you had already created your username earlier. So what’s that? When you open any page on Facebook, then you will see the url of that page. For example :

Here you can see page user name as “Jhavinder”. You can set user name according to your choice. It can be totally different from your page name.

4. Add Media : I think you all know the power of Media like Photos, videos etc. If you display your business with the help of Photos and videos then people will get your product information more correctly. To engage people with your product, you have to upload pictures or videos at a regular interval of time. Don’t post photos which are not necessary.

5. Add Another Page Admin : Yes you can add more than one admin for a single page. In case if you own a large business then you can add more page Admin to your business page. With the help of this you can manage your page effectively. Also you can add more roles like Administrator, Page Editor, Contributor. You can assign these roles according to your choice.

I hope this article will help you, if you need any information regarding this article. Please feel free to comment in the box given below.

Thank You.

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