How to Compress Photos from MB to KB
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How to Compress Photos from MB to KB

Hello everyone ! Here is my new article on ” How to Compress Photos from MB to KB“.

There are so many photo editor apps available on Play Store which can compress the photos from higher size to smaller one. But most of people find difficulties while operating these apps. Here i will list out some apps which are very easy to operate for everyone. You can find these apps on Play Store or you can directly open these apps from the link given below :

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What is Compression ?

Image Compression is a process of minimizing the size of that image to lower size from the actual size. It will not effect the quality of photos but only effect storage cost to minimum level.

How to Compress Photos from MB to KB

These 3 apps which i have listed above are best for image compressing. There are also so many other features in these apps like resizing, crop etc. I personally recommend Image Compressor because this is best apk.

How to Compress Photos from MB to KB

Most of apps failed if you want to compress below 20 KB. But Image Compressor allow you to compress below 20 KB. For this you have to simply select a photo and select the size to which you want to compress. If you compress to high it will effect the quality of your image. You can compress the file in these format :

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • WEBP
  • Or Default

Use of Image Compression

Image Compression is very helpful in various field. As the Technology is growing day by day, the use of digital photos increasing rapidly. In many sector you need to upload your passport size photo or signature. Also for filling up online form or resume, you may need these photos. They will accept only lower size photos, which can be made only through these apps.

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I hope this article will help you. If you need any help regarding this, you can comment in the box given below.

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