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Host Multiple Websites on One Server – Step by Step

Here is new article on “Host Multiple Websites on One Server – Step by Step“.

If you are a website or blog owner then you must be familiar with the term “Hosting”. Hosting is a platform which lets you to manage your whole website. When you purchase a hosting from a service provider company they allows you to access their servers. You must also know about how to manage your website through c-panel. There are lots of Companies which provides you Hosting with different cost. If you are new to this field then choosing a suitable hosting is difficult task. So it’s very important to choose the right one.

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Host Multiple Websites on One Server – Step by Step

Here i will provide you step by step guide to host multiple websites on one server. The major thing you have to keep in mind is to purchase a suitable plan. As you all know different companies provides different features at different cost. First of all you have to buy a plan which allows you to Host more than one website.

If you are not sure about your plan, then you can check it from your c-panel area. First of all open your c-panel section. Find the Domain section by scrolling down. If you find Addon Domains options then you are eligible to add multiple websites. Now the next question comes in our mind How we can do this process? So follow the steps given below :

How to Add Domain ?

1. Click on the Addon Domains options.

Host Multiple Websites on One Server

2. Add you full domain name in first box. Eg-

3. In 2nd box add your domain name without .com or .in.

4. Now add the root directory, where you want to add your website. ( Add this in public_html folder).

5. Now click on Add Domain button.

After that you will get a message regarding completion of whole process.

Now after adding domain you have to install WordPress or Blogger according to your choice. Here i will tell you about wordpress.

How to install WordPress ?

1. First of all open the c-panel.

2. Find the Application section and click on WordPress Manager.

3. Click on the New Site button present on the right corner.

4. Now fill all the information related to your website in the given boxes.

Host Multiple Websites on One Server - Step by Step

5. Click on Install button at the bottom of page.

WordPress is installed successfully.

After installing wordpress, the next thing is to Create SQL Database. You have to add a user to that database or you can add the same user to different database. So lets start.

Create SQL Database or Add User

For this you have to login into your c-panel. After that follow the steps given below :

1. Go to Database section.

2. Click on My SQL Database option.

3. In the next screen you wilo get all the list of database you have created. You will find a database which was automatically generated during wordpress installation.

4. If not you can create a database here.

5. Now the next thing is to assign a user to that database. If you want to assign the smae user then simply select the database and choose user. You can also add new user to that database.

Note : Please check your config.php file in file manager/public_html/new website you have created. Make sure that the database name, user name and password must match with the database you have created in database section.

Now the last thing you have to do is to connect your domain name with your Hosting account. Without this step your website will not work.

How to Connect Domain with Hosting ?

1. First of all login to your Hosting account where you have purchased hosting.

2. Click on your order and then select your hosting plan.

3. Click on Name server Details option.

4. Here you will get two Names servers. Copy both of them.

5. Now login to your account where your domain name is placed.

6. Click on Manage DNS option.

7. Now paste both the server name in the box given here.

Your website is fully connected. It will take some time to reflect. So wait for some time.

How to Login ?

Your website us fully ready now ! You can manage it by logging in to your WordPress dashboard. You will get Username and password during the process of installation.

Or you can open wordpress manager and after that select your website. You will get few information here. You have to click on Admin section and after that click on administration Url. It will Direct you to wordpress dashboard login page. Here you can fill your username and password.


If you are not able to find it, then open your browser and type your website address as : websitename/wp-login.php . You will get the login screen where you can put your username and password.

Or you can login here – WordPress

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I hope this article on “Host Multiple Websites on One Server – Step by Step” is helpful for you all.

If you need any information regarding this article. Please feel free to comment in the box given below.

Thank You.

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