Hero They called him
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Hero They called him

Here is the new poetry on Hero they called him.


Hero they called him

Hero they called him.

The ultimate symbol of peace.

The one who made everyone smile.

The most reliable person in the times of need.

Just call his name and he’ll be there with a big smile and a single

phrase, “Don’t worry my friend, your wish has been heard loud and


He had it all Name, Fame, Admirers, all the materialistic things

one can desire.

But little did they know,

What the hero desired was nothing as complex as the title of a Hero.

But someone who can see the villain lurking inside of him.


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5 thoughts on “Hero They called him

  1. There are two sides to every coin. My heroes are those who bring out the side of me that can rise to the occasion, knowing we have each other’s back.

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