Free Photo Editor Apps in 2020
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Free Photo Editor Apps in 2020

Hello everyone ! Here is my new article on”Free Photo Editor Apps in 2020“.

There are so many Photo Editor apps available on Play Store. You must have already used some of these apps. Some apps are very good but they are not Free. You have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription for that. You can only access limited features of these apps which is not sufficient for you. I think the process of editing plays an important role to enhance your photos. So it is very important to choose a good photo editor app. So you can simply boost up your work.

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Here i will tell you about Top 3 Free Photo Editor Apps. All my photos are edited by using these 3 apps.

Free Photo Editor Apps in 2020

1. Snapseed

Free Photo Editor Apps

Snapseed is one of the best photo editing app which it totally free of cost. You can download it from play store. It provides you lots of features for image editing. I am also using this app for editing and it is very helpful for me. You may find that most of the apps have dynamic interface. This can be very difficult for the beginner. If you don’t know about the basic of editing then you may find some difficulties. But in case of “Snapseed”, it provides you a very simple interface. Any user can operate this very easily without any problem. Here are some features of this app :

  • Various filters
  • Save your personal look and apply it on new photos
  • JPG and RAW file support
  • HDR, Crop, Expand, Resize, Selective, Healing etc

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2. PicsArt

PicsArt is widely used by most of the people. It contains lots of features for photo editing. Although you can’t access its all features for free. You can only access less features but believe me that’s enough for editing. You can edit your photos to full extent, even there is no need its premium membership. You can make a combo by using both PicsArt + Snapseed apps. You will get the best results by using these two apps. Here are some basic features of PicsArt app :

  • Upload photos on PicsArt
  • Video editing
  • Various filters
  • Collage Maker
  • Logo Maker
  • Drawing Tool

3. Light Room

Free Photo Editor Apps

Light Room is also widely used by most of the users. It is free and a very powerful photo editor app. It allows you to enhance your images with stunning editing. It is also named as Adobe Light Room. You can download it from Play Store. If you are beginner then i will recommend don’t go for this photo editor. Because the interface of this app is very rough to use. For few months try to edit with PicsArt and Snapseed after that you can go for Light Room photo editor app. Some features of this app are :

  • Create a Personal photo diary
  • Tonal adjustment
  • Advance photo sharing
  • Pro Level Camera
  • Huge Effects
  • Various tools

There are lots of other photo editor apps available on Play Store. You can choose any one according to your choice. But these three apps are extremely good for photo editing.

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I hope this article is helpful for you. If you need any information regarding this article. Please feel free to comment in the box given below.

Thank You.

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