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Festival Wishing Script free Download – All in One

Hello everyone ! Today I have with my new article on “Festival Wishing Script free download – All in One”.

I am pretty sure that you all are familiar with Festival Wishing Script. If not, then here in this article I will provide you all the information related to these types of scripts. I will also provides all these scripts to you, so you can also take the advantages of these scripts. These scripts are free of cost and you can download these script from here. But before this let me tell you the basic knowledge of these scripts and I will also provide the method about ‘ How you can apply these Festival Wishing Script on your websites or Blogs’. You are also be able to download festival wishing script for free here.

What is Festival Wishing Script?

Festival Wishing Script or you can call it Event Blogging provides you a platform to make wishes to your relatives, friends and other people. You can make wishes about the latest upcoming festival by sending them these scripts through Social Media platform. Maybe you have got these types of wishes through Whatsapp. Because whatsapp is the best platform to make these scripts Viral.

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Need of these Script

So the question comes out that why the wishing Script is so important and why we need these scripts. There are lots of factors which makes these script very useful for the blogger. Also these script are well decorated and well organised so you can make the Festival special for everyone. If you are a Blogger then it help you in these fields :Festival wishing script

  • Earning Source – These types of script can work as a earning source for your blog or website. You can place ads in these script and can get money form it.
  • Increase in Traffic – You can also get thousand of traffic by these viral script in one day. So it can help to get a huge amount of traffic to your websites.
  • Can apply on Free Blog – There is no need of paid website or blog for these script. You can apply these scripts on a free blog. You can make the use of Blogger, WordPress etc.

Festival Wishing Script free download – All in One

Here I will provide various types of wishing scripts and these all scripts are free of cost. Simply you can download free festival wishing scripts by clicking on the name of that script you want to download.

  1. Good Morning
  2. Maha Shivratri
  3. Holi
  4. Happy Republic Day
  5. Happy Independence Day
  6. Diwali
  7. New Year
  8. Free Paytm Cash
  9. Raksha Bandhan
[Note : Before placing these scripts in your blog or website make sure that you have removed my ads codes from these scripts.]

How to Apply these Script on Your Blog/Website

The method of applying these script on your blog or website is very simple. First of all download the script you want to apply on your blog. Just follow the steps given below:

Method for Paid Blog or Website

Festival wishing script
For this you must have to access for c-panel of your website. If you have paid website then I am sure that you have the knowledge of c-panel. Follow these steps :

1. Open C-Panel.

2. Click on the File Manger button in c-panel area.

3. Now open the public_html folder. Now this folder contains the all the data of your website.

4. Upload the wising script which you have downloaded earlier.

5. Now select the file you have uploaded and then extract all the files in a separate folder.

6. You have to create a folder with a name related to your script like HappyHoli if script is related to Holi.

7. Now move all the files of the wishing script you have extracted earlier in the folder name Holi.( The name you have given to your script)After that you have to make some changes in the script. You have to put the address of your blog inside it and also to put Ads code inside the script.

In my case I am using Adsense as my Ad Network, but you can make use any Ads network by placing codes in the script.

Method for Free Blog/Website

You can also apply these wishing script on your free blogs. If you have free blog then download these script and apply on your blog. Follow these steps as :

1. Open your Blog.

2. Then go to your theme setting.

3. The script you have download earlier consist of a file named as “Index.php”. Just open the file and select all the data and copy it.

4. Now open the HTML Editor in theme setting and delete all the data here. Then paste the data of Index.php file here.

5. You must need make some changes here, like to put some images.

6. You can upload the images you want to upload in by opening the simple editor instead of custom HTML.

7. Now paste your ads codes in between the scripts, wherever you want.

Now your Festival Wishing Script is ready!!!!!!

Which Ads Network is Best ?

There are lots of Ads Network out there and you can choose any of them. The ads network which I am using is “Google Adsense”. The Google Adsense is the best Ad Network because it provides high cpc ads. If you have a adsense approved account then these ads work best for you. You can also make use of another ads network if you don’t have any adsense account.
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Other Ads Network are :
  1. Media.net
  2. Infolinks
  3. Chitika
  4. Adsterra

You can apply for Google Adsense only if you have a paid blog. Because adsense allows the ads to show only on paid website. So make sure that you must have a website with paid hosting.

Best Platform for Sharing

Now the another question comes in mind after creating these scripts, How we can make them viral? What the various ways or methods which can helps us regarding this question. So i will tell you about some best platforms where you can share these scripts. These are given below :

1. Facebook :

You all knows that Facebook is one of the most popular platform worldwide. You can share your script on this platform. It will definitely help in getting viral of these scripts.

2. WhatsApp :

As you all know most of the people use WhatsApp for chatting purpose. You can get huge amount of traffic within one day.

3. Twitter :

Twitter is also widely used social media platform. This can also helps you to get your scripts viral.

There are also lots of platforms which will helps you regarding this matter. You can choose appropriate method of sharing of your own choice.

The most efficient method of making more traffic is to get first position on google first page. This can be done only if you make best quality content. Because if you have good quality scripts then there is no need of sharing your scripts. People will share your work automatically. This is the best way of getting huge traffic and money.
Share as much as you can, so it can goes viral.
I hope this article will help you. If you have any problem regarding this article, You can contact me on Facebook. Click on below link to follow us on Facebook.
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