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Features of Computer or PC All in One

Hello everyone ! Here is new article on”Features of Computer or PC All in One“.

We are facing a golden age for PC manufacturers. After achieving what seemed incredible a few years ago, that we all have at least one team at home, it seems that his intention is to increase that number. A clear example of this are the HTPC or classroom equipment and another AIO, an acronym for All In One or in Spanish all in one. It starts from the main idea of having a team for each function and not one that is capable of performing all of them, which in the end means more revenue for the manufacturer.

To reach this situation, two events had to occur. The first, a general price drop in equipment and the second a specialization. Right now it is cheaper to buy two PCs for different tasks than to buy a supercomputer that does it all.

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Features of Computer or PC All in One

Here i will tell you everything about the AIO pc or computer like its uses, features, types etc. But before starting let me tell you little bit more about AIO pc. So the features of Computer are given below :

What exactly is an all in one Pc ?

An All In One is the PC that is fully integrated. The processor , the hard disk , and the whole motherboard are incorporated in the monitor , therefore we only have one element. Normally its screen is touch. As you can see, they are distant cousins of tablets, although larger.

The only downside that can be put to a computer with these characteristics is that they are not as powerful as their brothers, desktop PCs . This is because integrating the entire PC in a small box is very difficult to dissipate heat and therefore its power must be limited.

How is the perfect All In One?

For an All In One to be effective, it has to have several characteristics. Its weight should be as light as possible, a user-friendly touch screen that includes both the possibility of an on-screen keyboard and an external keyboard. Its size is limited by the size of the monitor you need and the use you want to give it. The possibility of having a remote control, if you want to use it as a media center or multimedia equipment, is always a great help.

Types –

Features of Computer

Tablet PC or traditional tablet?
Surely now you are wondering where are the traditional tablets , IPad style and others with respect to these devices. We are actually comparing radically different things. The tablet PC is a computer designed to run powerful applications and therefore its power needs are high, which leads to a shorter battery life. An iPad or its derivatives are more specialized computers designed to do just a few tasks well, ideal for consuming content but not for creating it.
It is you who has to assess whether you want compatibility with all kinds of applications and documents or if you prefer something simpler and with a longer battery life.

Tablet PC or laptop?

The only difference between the two is that on the tablet PC it is possible to use its touch screen to enter information. What’s more, they are so similar that you don’t rule out that in a few years all laptops end up being this way. Windows 8 has made this border even thinner by opening up the possibility for applications to run even in environments not manufactured by Intel and AMD.

What is a Tablet PC?

The evolution in the manufacturing processes , both of the processors and of the other elements that make up computers, has led to the existence of a great variety of PC models at very competitive prices. The key word is specialization, that is, a team for every need. Manufacturers are pretty clear on this, they want to have at least three or four PCs in each house. Examples of these new types of equipment are AIO , HTPC, nettop, Tablet PC, etc.

This article focuses on tablet PCs, you can also find them called 2-in-1. As their name indicates, we find tablet- sized PCs . That is, between seven and about 14 or 15 inches. It differs from a laptop in that they usually have a touch screen and the possibility of folding the keyboard in such a way that you can take notes using your hands or a pencil.

In the minds of the first creators of this type of PC was that the monitor could be used as input for the text, we hope that the team was able to understand handwriting. However, and due to the complexity of this, the keyboard either on the screen or as an additional element has never ceased to be the main input device.

All in one or 2 in 1?

A 2 in 1 is that PC that wants to be both portable and tablet, an all in one is one that is somewhat larger and you want to leave on a table. As you can see they are similar but they come to cover different needs.

What are they used for?

Features of Computer
What are the normal uses of an all-in-one?
It can be opened to a wide variety of uses. Connected to a good sound system, it can be converted to the PC you use to play all your multimedia content. You can also browse the internet and use your favorite applications.

1. To consult Facebook, email, and others, we go as an iPad but using a Windows with the advantages that this brings.

2. Another more specialized use is as a control element. Its possibility of easy placement and connection allows it to work in conjunction with security cameras, or even to locally and remotely control the demotics of your home.

3. The greatest strength of these computers and that the differences from traditional tablets or PDAs is that they are able to work with the Windows operating system .

4. This allows all your applications, tools and games to work on them. Especially designed for those who need to collect data on site or at home or for simple email and web queries.

5. Don’t forget that a Tablet PC is still a somewhat smaller and more manageable laptop. It is therefore possible to connect it through its connections to a traditional monitor and use it as a desktop PC . Although it is true that it will not have the same power, it can be used for basic tasks.


It is not difficult to see at least the trends that the industry has in store for us. Get used to having ever lighter and more powerful equipment without the battery life suffering. Much progress is being made, especially in the process of manufacturing the processors, which in the short and medium term will make this possible.

The advantages of this strategy are clear, both for the buyer and the seller. The one who supplies it gets more and more varied income and you can decide when buying what equipment to upgrade without always having to buy those of the highest range.

The disadvantage is that perhaps the PC ceases to be that equipment that lasted ten years since, being models designed for more specific needs, they fall into obsolescence sooner.

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I hope you all will like this article on features of Computer. If you need any help regarding this article, feel free to comment in the box given below.

Thank You.

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