How To Enable Editor in your Website
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How To Enable Editor in your Website [Easy Steps]

So here i will tell you about How To Enable Editor in your Website [Easy Steps].

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Today i am sharing you that “How To Enable Editor in your Website [Easy Steps]”. When i just started my website i am also facing this problem. But soon i find the answer. It’s very easy to do. With these steps you can also able to enable editor in your website within 5 minutes.

You can simply view Editor option in your website dashboard. In the Appearance option you will find the editor option.

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How To Enable Editor in your Website

So follow the steps given below :

Step 1 : Open your c-panel.

How To Enable Editor in your Website

Step 2 : In c-panel, click on file manager.

Step 3 : Check the box on left side and then click on “public_html” folder.

Step 4 : After that find a file named “wp-config.php” in the right side of box.

Step 5 : Select the file and click on edit button at upper right corner.

Step 6 : Here you will see code – DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true. You have to write the false in place of true.

Step 7 : Click on save file.

Congratulations!!! You have now enables your editor. Go back and check in your wordpress dashboard.

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