Easy Way to Transfer One Web Hosting to Another
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Easy Way to Transfer One Web Hosting to Another

Hello everyone ! Today i am here with my new article on “Easy Way to Transfer One Web Hosting to Another“.

I think most of the new blogger had faced the problem of transferring website from one Web Hosting to another Hosting. When i was new in this field, I also faced such problem with my website. Because i didn’t have any knowledge about the whole process. There were lots of another websites, where the whole process is explained, but in a difficult pattern. It is very difficult to understand the process for new blogger. So in this article i will tell the whole process with step by step.

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First of all, If you don’t have the knowledge of Web Hosting then click on the Link What is Web Hosting ?

Things You Must Know

For transferring Web Hosting from one Provider to another you must have the basic knowledge of C – Panel and Data Backup.

1. C – Panel

When you purchase a Web Hosting from a Hosting Provider then they provide you a Hosting panel called as C-panel. This panel provides you with all necessary features which you require for maintaining your website. Some basic features of C-panel are :

  • Storage
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth

2. Backup

Backup is the process of securing the website data in a safe place. In case of any loss in data you can retrieve the all data from the backup you have taken.

There are 2 types of Backup –

1. Full Backup

Full backup consist of both Home Directory files as well as My SQL Database.

2. Partial Backup

By doing this process you can take backup separately one by one.

Both process of Backup are simple you can choose any of them as you want.

3. DNS Name Servers

After buying hosting from a new provider they also provide you with 2 Name Servers.

Fore example : ns1.digitalocean.com


Easy Way to Transfer One Web Hosting to Another

Now i will tell you about the whole process step by step as :

First of all open the Old Web Hosting C-panel (from where you want to transfer)

  1. Open C- panel.
  2. Go to Backup Wizard.
  3. You can choose Full Backup or Partial Backup option. ( I will tell you about Partial Backup )
  4. Wait untill the download finished.

Open New Web Hosting C-panel

  1. Open c-panel of New Web Hosting.
  2. Go to Backup Wizard.
  3. Click on Restore option.
  4. Restore the Home Directory and then My SQL database one by one.
  5. You can also do this by using File Manager option. For this you have to open File and then upload the downloaded file in public_html folder.

After finishing the whole process now you have to add user to your database.

How to add user ?

Follow the steps given below –

  1. First of all open c-panel.
  2. Go to My SQL Database.
  3. Click on the Add New User option. Add a name and password.
  4. After adding a user, you have to assign the user for your database that you have uploaded earlier. ( Click on the database and select the user in list )

After completing this process there is one last thing you have to do.

1. Open File Manager in C-panel.

2. Open public_html folder.

3. Open the config.php file and click on edit.

4. In this file you have to put the information as :

  • DB_Name
  • DB_User
  • DB_Password

Fill the same information which you have filled earlier while adding user and assigning user.

[ Note : The information filled must be same at both place ]

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After completing the process you have to place the DNS servers to the Hosting from where you have purchase Domain Name.

Congratulations! Your website is ready now.

If you need any help regarding this article, you can ask in the comment section given below.

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Thank You.

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