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Chlo jane bhi do

Here is the new poetry on “Chlo jane bhi do”.

Chlo jane bhi do

Chlo jane bhi do

Manta hun nhi nibha paya sath
Pr nek the irade,

Nhi nibha paya vo wade

Haar chuka hun khud se lad lad ke,

Ab aansuon ko aane bhi do

Chlo_jane bhi do.

Nhi rha vo pyar, ikrar vo tkrar

Ab yeh baat manne bhi do

Nhi maang rha kuch aur,

Bs us hasi ko laut aane bhi do

Chlo jane bhi do.

Thk chuka hun hsi ka prda odh ke,

Ab aansuo ko dikhane bhi do

Chlo chodo_jane bhi do.

Bnne ja rha hun vo tara

Jeene ke koi bhane to do

Chlo chodo jane bhi do.


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