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The Solid State

Today in this article i will tell you about “The Solid State“.

Introduction – It is the study of the synthesis, structure, and properties of solid phase materials.

The Solid State

Here we have two types of solid states:

  1. Crystalline Solid
  2. Amorphous Solid


  1. Crystalline Solid – It has regular arrangement of the molecules. It has also sharp melting point(small gap in temp.).It is anisotropic in nature because in different direction its properties changes. e.g- Refractive Index

The Solid State

  1. Amorphous Solid – It has irregular arrangement of the molecules. Is has broad melting point(Large gap in temp.). It is isotropic in nature because its properties does not change with direction. e.g – refractive index does not change.

Classification of solids

Solid state is classified on the bases of three facts: Particle and their nature, Force of attraction, Arrangement of molecules. There are four types of solids in which they are classified as:

  1. Ionic solids – In this interaction takes place between ions. e.g- NaCl
  2. Atomic Solids – In this electron sharing takes place. e.g- diamond and graphite.
  3. Molecular Solids – Since molecule does not have any charge but there are two types of interaction between them. a)Dipole interaction b)Hydrogen bonding. e.g- ice
  4. Metallic Solids – It consist of sea of electrons in which metal is placed. The electron’s are movable and it is also called electron sea model.

Comparison between structure of diamond and graphite

Since both diamond and graphite consist of carbon atom but they are different on the bases of arrangement of molecules.



1.    It has 3D structure.

2.    It has sp3 hybridisation.

3.    It is hard.

4.    It is bad conductor of electricity.

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1.    It has planner structure.

2.    It has sp2 hybridisation.

3.    It is soft.

4.    Because of delocalization of double bond it is good conductor of electricity.


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6 thoughts on “The Solid State

  1. I have tried commenting already, but I’m not sure if the comments were saved so I am going to try to again I am a chemist and I appreciate your post. Do you have any idea why diamond may not be a good conductor of electricity?

    1. Thank you so much for commenting here. As you can see the structure of diamond. It is bonded with other carbon atom by covalent bond. So there is no such unpaired electron to flow of electricity. But in case of graphite it contains delocalized double bond which can move throughout the structure and good conductor of electricity.
      I hope this will be helpful for you.

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