Blessed That It's You
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Blessed That It’s You

So here is the new poety “Blessed That It’s You“.

Blessed That It’s You

It’s 12 noon

The entire university is just rampaging here

and there during the lunch hour.

Sitting near the staircase obsessing life forms

As they crawl and run in the university


In a moment full of solitude,

You look into my eyes with solace and speak

Am blessed that its you.

I smile with love dropping from my eyes

And reply it’s time that you leave my mind


Whispering, Am blessed that its you.

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Written by – Sachin Daver

Instagram – Jaamun_head

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4 thoughts on “Blessed That It’s You

  1. Nice, Jhavinder. P.S. Your site has been hacked. I don’t know if you can do anything about it (it may be tied to one of the advertisers on your blog site), but twice now the page has been taken over and I’ve had to force quit.

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