Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins in 2021
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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins in 2021

Here in this article I will tell you about “Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021”.

Plugin’s are the best for the customisation of your wordpress website. These all are very powerful for making your website user friendly and also they provides you many useful feature such as Security, Backup, sharing, High Ranking etc. In this article I will make a list of Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021 which you must have. I am telling this on the basis of my personal experience, hope you all will like them.

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Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021

1. Yost SEO

SEO is the one of the Best wordpress Plugins and this plugin is widely used. SEO is basically known as Search Engine Optimisation. This plugin is normally used for the customisation of your post and also helpful in ranking of post. A fully optimised SEO is best for ranking in google search.

Best wordpress Plugins

2. Sumo Me

This Sumo Me is the best tool for the growth of your online traffic. It provides you so many feature that allows your business to grow in fastest way. It includes Popups in screen from which you can increase your subscribers and also provide you many social media sharing buttons. People can share your post directly from here by these buttons.

Best wordpress Plugins

3. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

This plugin is best for keep an eye on your site. The google analytics displays the Real-Time Statistics in your dashboard. It automatically inserts the tracking code in every page of your website. You can also check that from where your visitor and what people are searching on internet. This will help you to create post which your user wants more.

Best wordpress Plugins

4. Jetpack by WordPress

It provides free design, marketing and security all are present at one place.

Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021


• Hundreds of professional themes for any kind of site
• Unlimited and high-speed image and video delivery network
• Integration with the official wordpress mobile app Security
• Brute force attack protection, spam and filtering
• Daily or real time backups for your entire website
• Malware scanning, code scanning and threat resolution

5. User Submitted Posts

This plugin enable your visitor to submit a post for your website. This plugin is very simple to use. For this you have simple add the following shortcode to any post, page or widgets.

[*user-submitted-posts*] (do not use star in this code)

Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021

It includes – Name, E-mail, URL, Post Title, Category, Tags, Content and Images etc.

6. Thirsty Affiliates

Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021

It gives bloggers the tools which they need to monetize their wordpress website with affiliate marketing. This is free of cost and very easy to install on wordpress. It provides you many feature such as :
• Simple to use
• Better link management

• Safe Redirects & Smart uncloaking
• No link clashes or database bloat

• Add images to Affiliate links

7. iThemes Security

It is the #1 wordpress security plugin of all time. iThemes security gives you over 30+ waysto secure and protect your wordpress website. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. The wordpress sites can be easily hacked due to weak passwords, plugin vulnerabilities and obsolete software. Most people don’t know about this but iThemes security works to fix common issues.

Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021

8. Contact Form 7

This plugin allow your site user to contact you by E-mail address. If any user wants help in any topic he/she can contact directly to you with the help of this form.

Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021

It include :


• Akismet

9. Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet analysed your comments and contact form submissions against global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content. You can also review the comment and spam it by catching on your blog’s.

Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021

Major features:
• Automatically checks spam
• URLs are shown to reveal misleading links
• Save disk space and speed up your site by blocking worst spam

10. Updraft Plus

Top 10 Best wordpress Plugins in 2021

This tool is simple used for the backups and restoration of your website data. It is the world’s highest ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin, which has a million currently active installs. You can create your data backup and restore it in just one click. It also allows you to set up automatic backup.

If you need any help regarding top 10 Best wordpress Plugins, please feel free to comment in the given box below.

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