Best Way to Increase Ranking of a Website
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Best Way to Increase Ranking of Website

Hello everyone ! Today i am here with new article on “Best Way to Increase Ranking of Website“.

If you have a Website and you want to know about How to Rank Website in Google first page. Then you are at the right place. Here i will tell you about the best and easy way by which you can increase your website ranking. For this you have to basic knowledge of website development. It’s not difficult to rank your website if you understand the algorithm of Google. But the difficult task is to understand algorithm. Here i will tell you some of the tips which will help you all to understand this algorithm. By understanding this it makes easier to rank in google first page. So lets just start.

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Best Way to Increase Ranking of Website

There are lots of factor which influence the ranking of a website or blog. I want share the things which i noticed during my blogging career. These things helps me to get high ranking on google first page. Most of my articles were at the top of google page. So the major factor which affect the ranking are given below :

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • SEO of Website
  • SEO of Bog Post
  • Domain Name
  • Backlinks
  • Web Hosting

First of all you have to gain knowledge about the terms which i have written above. Don’t worry if you don’t know about them i will explain them one by one. Also i will tell about How they affect website ranking.

1. Domain Authority

According to me Domain Authority of a website describe the wellness or appropriateness of a website. It simply measure the relevancy of your website in a particular field. The Domain Authority of any website is assigned by Moz. Your website ranking is scored between 1 to 100. Higher the number of your Domain Authority, it will make more easier for your website to rank in google first page.

You can simply check your website DA here : Click here to Check

2. Page Authority

It is also similar to Domain Authority but it doesn’t contain whole website. It take only a particular page of your website. If you have high traffic on a particular page or post then you will get high Page Authority. You can check your Page Authority at the same link given above.

3. SEO of Website

Now here comes the most important thing which affect the website ranking. SEO of a website must be done properly to get high ranking. In one line SEO of a website means Organization of Website in a proper manner. It consist following things as :

  • Website Logo
  • Title, Meta description
  • Use of Heading & Subheading etc

You can check your website SEO score on link given below – 1. SEO checker Tool

2. Neil Patel SEO checker Tool

By checking SEO score, these websites will provide you the full details of your website. From where you can simply modify your website if needed.

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4. SEO of Post or Article

SEO of article is very important for increasing Page Authority or to get your article first position in google search. There are various tools which can help you for this purpose. I will recommend you a plugin named as “SEO by Yoast“.

For this you have to install this plugin and activate it. It will fully guide you while writing your article.

5. Domain Name

The Domain Name is simply name of your website or blog. It also plays a role in ranking. The name of your website must reflect your working field. Fore example, if you have a website related to Technology then its name must be regarding to technology. However it’s not that much important but you have to keep in mind this thing also.

6. Backlinks

Here is the one of the most important factor which highly affect the website ranking. If you have more number of Backlinks then your website will rank higher in google search. First of all you have to know about What is Backlink?

Backlink – It is simply a link through which any user can visit to your website. You can simply place the link of your website to other websites by various methods. One of the best method is to post a comment with your website link.

Try to create more and more backlinks of your website. But do not create more than 3-4 links from one website. Use different websites every time you create a backlink.

7. Web Hosting

Web Hosting is also major factor for ranking website. It provides many features like Web page loading speed, visitor capacity per day and bandwidth etc.

If you don’t have enough speed of loading web pages then it will rank your website more than website having low speed.

The capacity of visitors per day can also affect the ranking. If you got more visitors then that of your capacity, it will decrease your website ranking.

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I hope this article will help you to get high ranking on google first page.

If you need any help regarding this article. Please feel free to comment in the given box below.

Thank You.

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