5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking
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5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking

Here is new article on “5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking“.

If you have a website or blog and you were writing on daily basis. At some point you may be curious about the growth rate of your website. It is very necessary to check your website ranking on daily basis. You may check, is it performing well or your all efforts were going in wrong direction. If this really happens, then you are just wasting your time and money on it. By doing this, it will also helps in growth of your website over internet. There are so many methods through which you can do this. But here i will tell you about 5 best and simple methods which makes it easier for everyone. So let’s just start.

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Before starting all this you must know about Why we should check our website ranking ? Is it helpful ?

Why to Check Website Ranking ?

As i told earlier that the checking of website rank will help you to maintain the balance of your website or blog. It will help you to manage website in easy way. There are so may factors such as :

5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking

  • More Traffic : It will help you to gain more traffic. If you analyze your website on weekly basis and you find that people’s were liking your post more in that week. Therefore you can make a clear track on what you should write or not to write.
  • More Income : More traffic means more income. If you were showing some advertisement on your website then due to more traffic more people will reach to them. So you will get more money.
  • SEO Health : By doing a good track on website, you will also find the Website SEO like broken links, spamming, Backlinks etc
  • Worldwide Rank : If your website got high rank over worldwide, then it will help you to grow your income. Many advertising companies will contact you to publish their stuff on your website for money.

5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking

So here i will tell you about the 5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking. There are also so many other ways which you can check over internet. But i think you will get everything here. So here is the first one :

1. Alexa Website Ranking Checker

I think this is the one of the best website rank checker tool. That’s why i put it on first place here. Thia website analyze your whole website and provide you :

5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking

  • Worldwide Rank
  • Keywords Opportunities
  • Traffic Source
  • Top Referral site
  • Top Keywords

You can get it from here : Alexa Rank Checker

2. Check Page Rank

Check page rank is a full Domain Analysis Tool which provide important information an SEO statistics of your website. It is totally free tool. It provides these features :

  • Website rank from 1-10.
  • Backlink
  • Linked Website
  • Internal Backlink
  • Worldwide Rank

Get it from here : Check Page Rank

3. Small SEO Tool

Small SEO Tool is one of the best tool because it provides you so many features. It is so popular because it contains Alexa Ranking checker inside it. Also you can use so many extra tools like Plagiarism checker, word counter, grammar checker etc. It is free tool and provide features as :

5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking

  • Domain Authority
  • Backlink Checker
  • Website Rank worldwide
  • Keywords Analysis

You can check here : Small SEO Tool

4. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

SEO analyzer is best for analysis of whole domain to find complete list of errors. This tool is also free to use. This tool will provide you with these features as :

5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking

  • SEO Analysis
  • Site Speed
  • Backlink Checker
  • SEO Audit Report

You can find it here : Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

5. Woorank Checker

Woorank checker is simple and easy-to-use website analysis tool that provide complete track on your website data. It is free to use an provides these features as :

5 Best Ways to Check Website Ranking

  • In Depth Review
  • Download Depth Review
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Site Crawl Analysis
  • Powerful Keyword Tool

Get it from here : WooRank Checker

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