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Top 10 best place at parvati valley

Top 10 best place at parvati Valley

If you are thinking about a trip to somewhere in mountains then i will suggest you all to travel parvati Valley. This place is situated in district kullu of himachal Pradesh. This place is surrounded by mountains on two sides making a narrow route throughout the whole valley. All the villages are situated at the two sides of these mountains. More than half of population is under rural area.

In the summer and winter season the view of parvati Valley is awesome. Because of this people from all over india and from other countries travel to this beautiful place. In the winter time temperature is low here and also heavy snowfall occur due to which road gets blocked. So i suggest you to visit here during summer season.

Here i have listed top 10 village to which you have to visit. Almost 70% of villages which i have listed doesn’t have transport facility. Some of them are near to road but some of them are very far from road. You have to travel by yourself. So here are the top 10 villages :

1. Malana village

2. Tosh village

3. Gargi village

4. Grahan village

5. Rasol village 

6. Shilha village

7. Kyani village

8. Chojh village

9. Lpas village

10. Breuna village

Soon i will post a specific post for each village i have listed here.

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