men doesn't feel pain
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Men doesn’t feel pain

Men doesn’t feel pain

Men doesn’t feel pain  – “Mard ko dard nhi hota”,

Yes! That is what we have been told and this world is full of lies.

Men doesn’t cry ,

It shows that they are weak.

Crying in public was more disgraceful than,

Being a clown in the Circus.

Because when a boy cried in public,

There were more criticizing smiles than helping hands.


Men don’t cry,

Man up they told me.

I wiped my eyes,

With a smile full of lies.

But little did they know,

My smiles broke down every night wetting,

my pillows, so that the next day i can wake up with dry smile.

Because “mard ko dard nhi hota”.

Yes! That is what we have been told and this world is full of lies.


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12 thoughts on “Men doesn’t feel pain

  1. Men can be very emotional just like women. The fact that society wants them to be stronger is appalling. That’s why there is increase in suicide attempts in men when compared to women.

    They should be allowed to show their emotion without being judged.

  2. There are times for all of us to put on a strong face and confront difficult times, but there are also times where everyone has to let it out…

  3. People cry! Man or woman. Whoever came up with the notion that men don’t feel, were either very troubled or cried themselves to sleep every night as well. We all cry. We all need to cry. This was beautifully and honestly written.

  4. Ah men do cry often they are much softer than women with their emotions. Men are brought up not to cry and women are taught men do not have feelings. Such sadness is this and very wrong. Men usually end up with many emotional problems because they do not know how to talk about them or allowed to share them. Very good poem, loved it.

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