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Lucky Brother 

Lucky Brother

Once upon a time in a village there were two brother who lives with their families. Both brothers belongs to bramhin families and they ask other people for “Bhiksha”. Bhiksha is food obtained by asking for alms. The elder brother was very hard working but the younger one was slacker. Because of this the elder brother decide to live separate from him. Now both the brothers lives in different floor. There were two floors in the house. The younger brother was living in the ground floor and the elder brother decide to live in upper floor.

One day the younger brother was out of village in the search of “Bhiksha”. He didn’t find anything so he decided to take break for sometime. He went to a tree near to him and sit down there beneath the shadow of tree. Suddenly he found that there is something below his feet. He saw it was a pot filled with jewelleries. Half portion of the pot is outside from the soil. He was so lazy that even he did not take that pot to home. When he was leaving from there he said – This pot is so heavy i can’t take this to home. If this pot wants to come with me then it must come by itself.


When he arrives at home, his wife see that he didn’t take anything with him. So she asked him – why he came with empty hands. He tells everything to her. His elder brother and his wife (big brother wife) were listening all things from the hole that is created through the stairs to the upper floor. They decide to take the pot to home and grab whole money. After that both went to the tree where the pot is placed. They dug that pot and they took that pot to home. When they opened the pot, they found that there was a snake inside the pot. The younger brother and his wife were sitting in the ground floor. The elder brother decide to through the pot to down floor and want to kill his little brother. So he through the pot to the ground floor. When the pot hits the ground it was broken in the pieces and the floor was filled with jewelleries and gold coins. The younger brother and his wife were very shocked by that incident. They both did their heads up and thanked God.

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