How to get Adsense Account Approved for Wordpress
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How to get Adsense Account Approved for WordPress

Here is my new article on “How to get Adsense Account Approved for WordPress easily”.

We all know that our account must meet some requirements to get approved for adsense. Adsense Ads are very helpful to earn money as well as to continue our blogging career. As you all know that building a website/Blog is not free. We have to pay for our domain and for Hosting. If we have a Google Adsense approved account and also have lots of traffic then we can easily earn money from the Ads. In different countries different criteria are available. In india you must have your website 6 months old to get verified for Google Adsense.

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But you can also get verified by Adsense before 6 months. For this you must follow the steps given below :

How to get Adsense Account Approved for WordPress

.1 Top Level Domain

You must need a top level domain for this process. Top level domains are

  • .com
  • .in
  • .org
  • .edu
  • .gov
  • .net

2. Pages

All websites must have some important pages. These pages are given below :

  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer

3. Post

For Adsense approval you website must have sufficient amount of posts. Your website must have more than 20 posts and all post must have more than 500 words. Content plays most important role in blogging. Try to write all your post as much long as you want. It can also help you ranking in google search feed.

4. Copyright Images

All you post must have one image in it but ensure that this image is not copyrighted. If you have any copyrighted images inside your website then remove it immediately. Otherwise you will not get approval of Google Adsense in your website.

5. Navigation 

Use proper navigation in your website. While visiting to your website, user can get confused due to lack of navigation. Use proper menus, sidebar and arrange posts in proper way. Keep in mind that your website must looks clean and professional. Google will reject your submission if your website is not properly navigated.

6. Specific E-mail

Before submitting your application keep in mind that you use e-mail which is related to your domain name. For Example : If your website name is “Helloworld” then you must use “”. If you don’t have that E-mail address then create it before submitting your application.

7. Don’t Use Ads

There are so many other Google Adsense alternatives, from where you can show ads on your website without verification. But don’t use any ads on your website before submitting your application for verification. If you are using these ads then delete them and don’t forget to delete your Ads.txt file from “File Manager” section in your control pannel. For showing ads you must have huge amount of traffic to earn money from that ads. Almost you need thousand of traffic per day, if you have more visitor in your website then you can also apply for that.

8. Don’t Use Copyrighted Materials¬†

Please do not use copyrighted materials from internet. Try to create your own posts instead of copying it from other blogs. Google will catch you, its impossible to make google fool. So take time to create your own content.

Apply for Google Adsense.

Don’t worry if you got disapproval on your first attempts, Because i also got approval after 7 attempts. Do not loose your hope and keep doing hard work. Soon you will get the result of your work.

If you have any question regarding “How to get Adsense Account Approved for WordPress“, please feel free to comment in the box given below.

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11 thoughts on “How to get Adsense Account Approved for WordPress

  1. Great post!! I had applied for Google Adsense but never received any sort of response back if I was accepted or rejected. Is this normally how they do it?

  2. Hi

    Thanks for quick reply and for your precious suggestions. i started site in 2016 .. then dropped and then again restart it.

    1. Also customise your home page. Visit at my website and you can use similar layout like me…
      Don’t use the same account for adsense. Everytime you must apply adsense with fresh account.

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