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How to create app without coding to earn money

Hello everyone ! Here in this article i will tell you about “How to create app without coding to earn money“.

Making an app is not a difficult task. Its very simple and you can create your own app without coding just within 10 minutes. From a long time i also want to make my own app for the website so the people can connected to my website in just one click. I have created my own app within 10 minutes and you can check this app in the link given below : Download apk

How to create app without coding

Here i will also tell you that how you can make money through you app without investment. You can get your money by showing ads in your android app. I will tell more about this in the end of this article. So lets start about how you can do this.

How to create app without coding to earn money


  • You can create this app simply using your android phone or you can also use computer. I will recommend you to use computer for creating your app, because it will provide you better interface than the android phone.
  • You will need 1 E-mail account.
  • Since this whole process in online and you will need internet connection.

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Which Platform ?

There are lots of online websites from where you can create your app for free of cost. These all are best to create your app easily. There is no special type of coding for this. All you need to place objects in your screen. Here i have listed some of online websites from where you can create you android app for free.

1. AppyBuilder

2. Thunkable

3. AppyPie

These all three websites are best for creating your android app but i highly recommend you for “AppyBuilder“. The fact behind this reason is that it has very simple interface which is easy to handle anyone. I have also created my android app by using this website.

How to Do ?

So here i will tell you about how to create your own app step-by-step within 10 minutes.

  1. First of all, Open the link Appybuilder.com

How to create app without coding

2. Now click on the “Build Now” icon on the top right Menu.

3. After that you have to login here with your E-mail address. Then your account will open at AppyBuilder and you can start your your project here.

You can also watch full video on my youtube channel at here : How to create app without coding to earn money

How to Monetize your app ?

Did you know that you can even monetize your app and can earn money from it. This process is also very simple and you can do this for free of cost. For this you have to show ads in your app. Every time when people see your ads and click on them you will get paid for this. From this you can also earn lots of money if your website have huge traffic.

How to apply Ads ?

First you must have an Admob Account.

1.Click on “Apps” icon in the Left side slide bar and click on Add App button.

2. Then in the next menu Enter the name of your app and choose the platform of your app weather it is android or iSO.

3. In the next window click on Create Ad unit button.

4. In the next step you have to choose ad format. There are three types of ad unit here. You have to choose on banner ad.

5. In this step you have to copy the ID of your Banner ad and paste this ad on AppyBuilder Ad Id box.

You can also see the full video on Youtube : How to put ads in your android app

If you need any help regarding on this topic you can comment in the comment box given below.

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