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Her Gaze

Her Gaze

I saw her standing near the staircase on second floor of an old university building. Her gaze was fixed at a single point just like a statue which refuses to move no matter how harsh the climate is.

There was something about her gaze which made me paralyzed and forced me to stay right in front of that building to observe her.

It wasn’t too late when i realized i was not the only one petrified by her as i saw many people standing right next to me watching her and talking about her.

Everyone was appreciating her silky raven Black hair flowing outside the window, her milky skin which gleamed and her beautiful dark eyes.

But all I could see was a girl trying to tie her freedom with a hairband, a pale white skin representing her struggles and her dark eyes with even darker stories.

While everyone talked about her tales of perfection i wanted to be the one to explore her hidden imperfections.

But being the part of the crowed all i could do was watch her leave and get lost in that old building.

And all i wanna say to her is that if you are reading this, I want to help you find whatever your eyes were desperately looking for from that window, I wanna know you as the most imperfect girl and yet praise you.


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