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Behind the Mountains : Gargi Village, Parvati valley

Gargi village is situated at the top of Manikaran. It is almost 5 km from manikaran. There is no transport facility to reach the village. It takes about 1 and half hour walk to the village. This village is free from noise and pollution. You can travel to the village and enjoy the peace and beauty of village. There is almost 25 houses in this village and population of this village is around 110. This village is surrounded by mountains on three sides which makes this place very attractive. There is also a temple of “Naina Mata” in this village. The interesting fact about the temple is that it’s not an artificial temple. This temple is under a big rock and this rock is at the center of this village. There is also restriction on climbing up that rock with shoes or having some metal elements with you.

This place is totally hidden from the tourists. Only a very few people came to this village. Because of this its very relaxing and peaceful at this village. You can also do a 2-3 day trek from this village to “Jot” during summer time. From the Jot you can also see the “Malana village”.

Story Behind the village : Gargi village

There is also a mythical story about the Gargi village. Elder people of village believes that there was around 180 houses in this village during ancient time and it had a great population. This village is under the rule of two Rakhshasi named “Suni” and “Muni“. One day some of children was playing in village. Suddenly they saw a little girl at the top of mountain. She is continuously whispering a sound – “Shall I Come”. All children was afraid of that sound and they went to their houses. They told the whole story to their parents. All people gathered in village and decide to say yes that little girl.

After few minutes all people gathered at one place with lots of weapons in their hands. When they allows little girl to enter in village suddenly they saw that girl changed into a rock. As the rock was moving near to village its size was increasing continuously. At the end that rock destroyed the whole village and it was believed that a part of rock was left in the village. At present this rock is the temple of village and also believed that two Rakhshasi were under this rock. It is also believed that the “Naina Mata” camed in the form of that girl to destroy the evil.

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Ram Shangi Peak

There is also a peak at the left side of Gargi village, which is named as ” Ram Shanagi“. From this peak you can sae a full view of whole village. Also from her you can see the full view of Manikaran and other villages surrounding the Manikaran. In the month of June this place is best for travel. The temperature at this village is moderate and you will get a peaceful environment. There is also a festival in this village which is celebrated in month of july in every two year. This festival is known as “Shaun“.

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Ram Shanagi
Ram Shanagi

There is also a waterfall at the backside of Gargi village known as “Renag Fall“. It takes about 1 hour track to reach the waterfall. The view of water fall is very awesome in the summer season. This waterfall doesn’t have to much water. But hight of this waterfall is very large. In between this waterfall and village you will also get a small village known as “Shadi Aage“. There is also 3-4 houses and the senery around this place is just amazing.

Renag Waterfall
Renag Waterfall
Shadi Aage
Shadi Aage

In the winter time you can also enjoy snowfall at the Gargi village. The snowfall is about 2 ft. Every year in the last weak of december you will get heavy snowfall at this village.

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